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Zuki Moba Token (Dec 2021) Price, Chart & How To Buy?

The guide shares details about the new NFT based game and the in-game currency, Zuki Moba Token.  

Every day a new NFT based game is launched to attract global investors and gamers. Recently, an NFT based multiplayer online battle arena game has been launched to make news amongst investors in the United States and Vietnam.    

Zuki MOBA is the e-sport NFT based game launched as an entertaining blockchain combat game with multiplayer mode. It focuses on teamwork, skills, and tactics, and each battle brings moments of relaxation and rewards as Zuki Moba Token.

You can earn NFT items by paying for the game, participating in the lucky draw, and selling them for real cash.  

What is Zuki Moba Coin?

Zuki Moba Coin or Token is the primary in-game currency used in the multiplayer combat game called Zuki Moba. Players can obtain the native game’s currency by playing the multiplayer battle modes or participating in different activities. 

The game even has different NFT items, including weapon, avatar, skill, gear, skin, and characters. Players can either earn it by playing the game or participating in the lucky draw. Furthermore, the NFT items are exchangeable and tradeable, which means players can sell them for real money. 

Besides, there is the Zuki Moba Airdrop prize pool, where 10K lucky winners will get the chance to win up to 1 000 000 Zuki Moba Token as a gratitude gift.

About the Team

After researching the official site, we found the details about the team behind the NFT-based multiplayer game.   

The CEO is Dan NGO, CTO is Lucid Hoang, CMO is Jayz Nguyen, COO is Jack Truong, Robert Lam serves as Community Engagement and Strategy Lead. Anna Nguyen serves as the Game Leader. You may access the token site to find details of the entire team behind the game and token. 

All About the ICO Sale of Zuki Moba Token

As per the major exchanges like Coinmarketcap.com, the IDO sale of the token is ongoing. It started on 11th Nov 2021, and it will end by 21st Nov 2021. So, hurry up as only 18 hours of IDO sale is available.

  • Total Number of Sales – 7 222 222 ZUKI
  • ICO Price – $0.018000
  • Fundraising Goal – $130 000 
  • Total Supply – 1 000 000 000

We found no other details of the token. The token is available for IDO sale, and there is no market ranking or market cap found online. So, investors have to wait until any update is available on the market capitalization of Zuki Moba Token.

How to Buy the Zuki Token?

  • Investors can join the Airdrop to get ZUKI Token
  • To buy the token, investors have to visit BinStarter App
  • Find the token using the contract address 0xE81257d932280AE440B17AFc5f07C8A110D21432
  • Check the live price data of the token before investing 
  • Number the number of tokens they want to buy
  • Swap BNB for ZUKI token
  • Transfer the token to use it as in-game currency 

But, you must prefer buying Zuki Moba Token from IDO sale by visiting the BinStarter App.


Q1. What is the Official URL of ZUKI?

A1. The official site of ZUKI is https://zukimoba.com/.

Q2. When does the IDO Sale end?

A2. The IDO sale of the token will end by 21st Nov 2021.

Q3. Which Contract Address to use for Buying ZUKI MOBA?

A3. As per the website, the right contract address of the token is 0xE81257d932280AE440B17AFc5f07C8A110D21432.


The NFT based games attract worldwide gamers, and investors are focused on investing in the in-game currency. Zuki Moba Token is making news after getting a massive response in the IDO sale.  

The token is also available for purchase on exchanges, and players can earn it by participating in multiplayer battles. If you are planning to invest in the token, please check the Future of Cryptocurrency in 2021 before investing.      

Do you play the Zuki Moba Game? How is your experience? Please, share it in the comments section.

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