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Zoom Settlement Scam: Is the Zoom Settlement Real? Explore Complete Information On Mode Of Payment And Issuing The Settlement amount

Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Zoom Settlement Scam to know its legitimacy. Also, learn about the settlement amount.

Did you know about the allegations filed against the Zoom meeting app? What was the response of Zoom? Why was the settlement amount proposed? How much are the total settlement amount and the average amount the users are expected to receive? What is the last date for filing the claim in the United States? When are the payments getting released? 

Let’s check all the facts about the Zoom Settlement Scam below.


About Zoom Settlement:

The Zoom settlement case is genuine. A class action lawsuit was filed on 21st/October/2021 at the United States District Court Northern District of California, Circuit 9 at the San Jose office. It is a civil case filed against the Zoom app and categorized with the cause 28:1332 Diversity-Other Contract and under the order of Judge Lucy H. Koh.

Mode of payment:

Email notifications about the digital payment amount were sent out starting 31st/May/2023 and will continue until 28th/September/2023. The claimant’s account will be credited with the ppayment amount via Eqip Pay Zoom Settlement, which generally take up to five business days to process. 

If you opted for a cheque to be mailed, reaching the users may take up to 6-weeks. If the users submitted the request but did not file a claim, they will still receive the payment via check at the address mentioned on the request form.


The class action was filed, accusing the Zoom app on three fronts:

  • The Zoom meeting app specified that it was end-to-end encrypted; but it was not so.
  • The Zoom app should have taken more measures for meetings getting interrupted by unwanted third parties, which paved the way for Zoom Settlement Scam.
  • Zoom shared information with third parties.

Response of Zoom:

Zoom did not agree with the allegations, responding that it had done nothing wrong and did not accept any liability. The court did not give a verdict on who was right or wrong. Instead, Zoom voluntarily offered $85 million in the settlement. 

The settlement amount was approved on 21st/April/2022. The users who accessed the Zoom meeting app between 30th/March/2016 and 30/July/2021 are eligible to file a claim.

Important dates:

  • The last date for submitting your claim was 5th/March/2022,
  • Any objections regarding settlement could be filed by 5th/March/2022,
  • The last date for any party to opt out of their Zoom Settlement Scam claims was 5th/March/2022, and
  • The hearing date was 7th/April/2022.

Issuing the settlement amount:

  • Users with PAID subscriptions would receive between $25 to$79 or 15% of the subscription fee, and 
  • Free access users would receive between $15 to $32.

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The trending news about the Zoom scam action lawsuit settlement amount seems genuine. If a user did not receive communication from EquiPay until 28th/September/2023, please recheck your spam/junk folders and review your inbox. One of the attorneys stated that such cases are becoming common against big companies. It helps to combine users’ efforts with the help of a common lawyer, ultimately stopping such conduct.

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Is the Zoom Settlement Real – FAQ

1Q. What if the user did not at least file the request?

Such users won’t be eligible to receive the amount. 

2Q. What if the user moved to a different address?

Users can update their address on the ZoomMeetingsClassAction website to receive cheques.

3Q. Where can a user send his queries?

The user can call toll-free number 1(800)397-3418 or send their queries to:

In Re: Zoom Video Communications Inc Privacy Litigation,

c/o Settlement Administrator,

PO Box 5534,Portland,

OR-97228 5534.

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