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Zombie Cats NFT (Oct 2021) Price, Chart & How To Buy?

The guide shares details about the Zombie Cats NFT and the new price mark it has reached recently.

Zombie Cool Cat or Zombie Cat is the special edition of the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) token that is recently making news for its record sale. The token managed to reach its all-time high price of 320 ETH, equal to $1.1m. It has achieved this mark before the inaugural season of HalloweenNFT.

Zombie Cool sale starts with a bright future before the season, and investors in the United States are now focused on buying the NFT token. 

It is to inform you that the HalloweenNFT season is not started yet, and investors can buy Zombie Cats NFT in the event.  

What is Zombie Cool Cat NFT?

Zombie Cool Cats NFT is the nonfungible token that acts as the digital artwork collection backed by blockchain protocols. The NFT is scheduled for sale on the HalloweenNFT season, an event where spooky NFT projects featuring skeletons, ghosts and zombies thrive in the last weeks of Halloween.

The Zombie Cool Cats NFT features a cat with an exposed brain and spooky backdrop, and its status as 1/1 NFT makes it different. It means the Zombie Cats NFT features customized artwork different from the rest of the NFT collections on the platform.   

Who is the Founder of Zombie Cats?

After researching the official website, we found no data regarding the founder and CEO of the NFT token. But, it is cleared that the NFT token is all set to feature in the HalloweenNFT season, where NFT token projects thrive in the leading weeks of Halloween. 

There are no further details available about the holders, founder and CEO of the token. 

Statistics of Zombie Cats NFT

After evaluating online, we found that the radiation on the ETH blockchain zombified around 9999 cats. Users can earn up to $10 worth of cats by staking it. To date, around four Zombie Cats NFT s have been sold in the last four days.

The last known trading volume of the NFT token is $2611. The average price recorded in the last seven days is $653. There is no other information found about the market statistics of Zombie Cats NFT.

The most expensive Zombie Cat sold in the market is Zombie Car #151, and it was sold 18 hrs ago on 8th Oct 2021. The cost of the Zombie Cat was $687.7. Only four zombie cats have been sold to date. 

Where to Buy Zombie Cats?

As mentioned, Zombie Cats are scheduled to be launched on the HalloweenNFT season, which is the time where NFT featuring zombies and skeletons thrive in the leading weeks of Halloween. So, investors in the United States who are inquiring must know that the Zombie Catsare available for purchase at the event, and they have to check the price of the Zombie Cats NFT tokens before buying.     

It has been noticed that only four Zombie Catswere sold in the event, and recently it has reached the all-time high to make a record sale of $1.1m. It is the record of the last seven days.


Q1. What is the Official Website of Zombie Cats?

A1. https://www.zombiecats.io/ is the official website of the NFT Token.

Q2. What is the Discord Page of Zombie Cats?

A2. The discord server page of the NFT token is https://discord.com/invite/zombiecats

Q3. How Many Zombie Cats Token Sold?

A3. In the last seven days, only four NFT tokens were sold at a record price of $1.1 million.


Zombie Cats NFT is making news amongst the worldwide crypto investors, and it is because of the record sale during the HalloweenNFT Season. It has reached its all-time high price of $1.1 Million, attracting more investors to the token.

So, if you are also planning to be a holder of the NFT token, ensure to know the right apps to buy Cryptocurrency in 2021 to avoid unnecessary scams.  

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