Zolu Coin 2021.

Zolu Coin (July 2021) Token Price, Chart & How To Buy?

Zolu Coin (July 2021) Token Price, Chart & How To Buy? >> The post below helps you understand details about a Crypto that is quite trending in the finance world.

Are you new to the crypto world? Are you finding difficulty in trading the token? Hold on; you are not alone. Cryptocurrency is the electronic money used to buy or sell goods and services; it is the best source of passive income.

In today’s article, we will walk you through all the details of Zolu Coin because people from India, Pakistan, and few other parts of the world want to know its information. So if you are curious to know, then stay tuned with us. 

About Zolu Crypto

A Zolu is a digital currency that is newly launched into the Crypto market. It is a deflationary coin based on BSC and authorized by the community, promoting a yield generating protocol. It is carried out without outside control Liquidity Pool to encourage a stable and price rises.

Why Zolu Crypto?

Walkthrough the reasons why Zolu coin is best among other new coins:

  • Verified Contract Address.
  • Fair Launch.
  • Liquidity Kock.
  • Completely Transparent.
  • Community-driven project.
  • Ownership renounced.
  • Active on various social media platforms.

Founder of Zolu Coin

The key person and founder name of the token is still hidden; not much information is obtained. However, we will let you know if we come across any details, so please come back to us regularly.

Zolu Token Price

  • The current price of the Zolu token is $3.3139. 
  • Contract Address: 0x61934700c922ccfa239e03d9b5791bb3164d0016

Zolu Crypto Coin Supply / Market Supply

  • Market Rank: No Data.
  • Market Cap: No Data.
  • Market Cap: $315,108
  • Holders: 750 addresses.
  • Transfers: 4,221
  • Max supply: Not Available.
  • Circulating Supply: 100,000 Zolu Coin.
  • Total Supply: 100,000 Zolu Coin.
  • PancakeSwap Liquidity: 70,000 ZOLU COIN
  • Presale: 1,000 ZOLU COIN
  • Trading Volume: No Data.

Zolu Coin Price Prediction

When we researched the tokens price prediction, nothing is found. So we think it is too early to predict its value now. But one thing for sure if the coin hype remains the same, there is no doubt that the coin is going to do its best in the future.

How to buy Zolu Crypto?

Follow simple steps to purchase Zolu token:

  • Go to Trustwallet >> here click on DApps >> then go to Pancakeswap.
  • Then visit the smart chain, here choose BNB (from).
  • On the top right side of the page, you will see connect button; to purchase Zolu Coin tap on it and connect your trust wallet.
  • Tap on “select a currency” (to), in the search bar, type “Zolu token.”
  • Decide the amount you to purchase, input it, and click on the Swap button.
  • Finally, tap on Confirm swap, and your transaction will be finished in few seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the official website of the Zolu token?
  2. The official website of Zolu token is https://zoluc.com/.
  3. Is Zolu Coin listed on Coinmarketcap?
  4. No! As of now, it is not present on Coinmarketcap. However, seeing its roadmap, it will arrive on Coinmarketcap and other data analysis sites soon. You can see more details here

The Final Verdict

The guide here is only for educational purposes; we are not crypto advisors, not insisting you go with any particular coin. Anything can happen in the Crypto world; a price that reaches sky-high can roll down to earth within minutes. 

So be careful while trading; having a thorough knowledge of a coin and beginning with a small amount is always recommended.

Do you have any queries related to Zolu Coin? Please share it with us in the comment section below. You can know about the common scams in the crypto world here.

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