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{Trend Video} Zoi Hashmi Video Leaked And Mms: Is It On Youtube, Telegram, Twitter

What are the details about Zoi Hashmi Video Leaked And Mms? What is TikTok Star Viral Scandal video on Twitter, YouTube, and Telegram?

What is Zoi Hashmi Video Leaked and MMS? How it turned out to be a TikTok Star Viral Scandal? Is this news shared on Twitter, YouTube, and Telegram.?

Do you guys know about the viral TikTok star Zoi Hashmi? If yes, then you might have known about the darkest days of Zoi, where she underwent the most significant trauma of her life. Zoi was the victim of exploitation during her college days, and currently, those videos go viral in Pakistan, the Netherlands, and India. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the Zoi Hashmi Video Leaked And Mms news in detail.

About Zoi Hashmi Video Leaked And Mms News

Zoi Hashmi is a popular TikTok from Peshawar, Pakistan, who has nearly 6 million followers on her TikTok account. Hence, Zoi is a social media celebrity who has won the hearts of millions of people.In 2021, Zoi’s private video got leaked. 

According to a conversation between Zoi Hashmi and Zunaira Maham, Zoi was exploited by her fellow students during her college days. That exploitation video was recorded and released on the internet in 2021. Currently, the video has leaked and started to circulate again. 

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TikTok Star Viral Scandal

The Pakistani TikTok star underwent the biggest scandal as her exploitation video was released on the internet. During her college days, her fellow male students exploited her against her wishes; in that video, she wore a blue-colored sweatshirt and pleaded for help.

But those heartless male friends were exploited mercilessly; this incident happened in 2017, but the video was released in 2021, which led to the TikTok Star Viral Scandal. However, if we analyze this incident, Zoi is the victim of this scandal. Zoi boldly came out of the scandal by opening up about this incident to the YouTuber Zunaira Maham in a public conversation.

TikTok Star Viral Scandal

Can we see the video on Youtube?

No, the leaked video of Zoi is not available on this platform. But we could only see a glimpse of the video. From the glimpses, we could see that Zoi was using her phone on her bed. Then suddenly, some group of boys entered her room and started to touch inappropriate places, and then she began to scream for help. So, no one came to the rescue.

Can we see the video on Youtube

Zoi Hashmi on Telegram

There are many telegram channels created under the name of Zoi Hashmi that claim to release leaked videos of Zoi Hashmi, but all the links seem to be bogus. We can clearly state that the leaked MMs are not available on the Telegram platform as well.

Because it is a sensitive issue, upon releasing the video, there were many controversies erupted for Zoi Hashmi, and it has extended up to the university from which Zoi graduated because it is a serious legal issue. And the video has been carefully removed as of now, even though it was released in 2022.

Is the video available on Twitter?

No, many news articles are getting published regarding the exploitation issue of Zoi Hashmi on this platform, but we couldn’t see the original links to the leaked video.

 As she is a big social media celebrity, many people come to rescue Zoi, because what she has undergone is something harrowing, and no human being deserves this. Even some Twitter users felt the same.

People’s reaction

The general public reaction to this issue is mixed because one set of people started to accuse Zoi of using the leaked video to gain fame and popularity; it was one of Zoi’s plans. While the other set of people felt really saddened for the trauma, she had faced all these years, 

In addition to that, the Youtube leaked video triggered all her trauma once more. Because the incident happened in 2017, the video is still surfacing on the internet, making her remember a bitter part of her life that she wanted to forget.

People's reaction


Thereby, we have explained all the necessary details about the viral video of the biggest TikTok star, Zoi Hashmi. As of now, Zoi Hashmi Video Leaked And Mms is not available on the internet. Hence, we request everyone to be responsible fellow humans, and if you get those links, kindly don’t reshare them. Click here and learn about the topic.

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Disclaimer: The article discusses a very sensitive issue, and the photos may be disturbing.

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