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[Watch Video] Zodwa Wabantu Latest Video Youtube: Trending Video, Latest News, Tiktok & Instagram!

Have you read about Trending Zodwa Wabantu Latest Video YouTube news? If not, gather information from Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Telegram platforms. 

Have you guys heard about the very famous and controversial dancing star Zodwa Wabantu? Most of the time, she used to appear in headlines due to her weird character.

Currently, her recent video went to a great extent and invited lots of problems to Zodwa Wabantu from people Worldwide. So here, in this article, we are going to explain Zodwa Wabantu Latest Video YouTube in detail. So, let’s unveil the truth behind the recent video.

About Zodwa Wabantu Latest Video YouTube

Zodwa Wabantu is a very famous exotic dancer and socialite who used to appear in the headlines of the newspaper for her statements, bold dressing habits, and her views about having intercourse. 

And this time, in a recent dancing gig show, she started to have intercourse with a man surrounded by a group of people. People started to record those moments and upload them to social media platforms like Twitter.

But currently, the complete uncensored video is removed from the YouTube platform. We can see a few seconds of her dancing video in YouTube shorts. Because the video was not suitable for anyone to watch and it was a wholly age-restricted one, so the YouTube platform removed the video due to community guidelines.

Zodwa Wabantu Trending Video

In that trending video, Zodwa seemed to be wearing an exposing black two-piece dress decorated with black beads. Zodwa held her mic and started singing the song, and danced accordingly. Then she started to fall over the crowd, reach a person, and start kissing him. Those scenes are recorded and shared on the Tiktok platform. 

After kissing him, Zodwa started to have intimate moments with that unknown boy. As it was a public show, the crowd recorded everything and uploaded it online. But citing the vulgarity shown in the video, many social media platforms are restricting themselves from posting it.

Zodwa Wabantu Trending Video

Zodwa Wabantu Latest News

As of now, two of the latest pieces of news are going viral on the internet, and those are the leaked viral dance and intercourse video of Zodwa. The next piece of news is that in one of the interviews, Zodwa admitted that she is addicted to having intercourse with men, and Zodwa shared that till now, she has aborted 11 pregnancies with different men. 

Zodwa Wabantu Latest News also invited considerable controversies in the South African region. The most shocking news is that countries like Zimbabwe, Zambia, etc., have already banned Zodwa from dancing in their countries. This reflects that Zodwa’s dance moves are highly mature.

Zodwa Wabantu Latest News

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Can we see the video on TikTok?

No, the leaked video of Zodwa is not available on this platform. Many videos share information about Zodwa, but the exact trending video has been removed.

Instagram details for Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa Wabantu has amassed around 18.7k followers on Instagram, and she is currently following 424 people. But she has only posted 17 posts till now, which clearly shows that Zodwa is not so active on her social media accounts. 

Many fan pages have emerged on Instagram under the name Zodwa. On those pages, we can see many dance moves by Zodwa. Nearly 20 fan pages can be seen under the name of Zodwa Wabantu. But her real Instagram ID is zodwa_wabantu23.

Does the Telegram channel upload that leaked video?

No, the real, uncensored video is not available on any of the telegram channels. There are indeed lots of channels in the name of Zodwa Wabantu where we can see lots of exposed images of Zodwa.

But Telegram does have some community guidelines, so they periodically remove the most vulgar content, and the leaked video of Zodwa was also deleted in this way.

People reactions to trending Twitter video

Zodwa is also a famous personality on Twitter, and many people tweet about her bold dance moves and her bold costumes. However, the leaked video is not present on the Twitter platform.

In addition to that, many people expressed their discomfort at seeing her dance moves.

People reactions to trending Twitter video

Social media links

Instagram: zodwa_wabantu (@zodwa_wabantu23) • Instagram photos and videos


Thereby, we have discussed the Zodwa Wabantu Trending Video availability and its details in an unbounded manner. Zodwa released a statement regarding this video, and that is that the guy with whom she had intimate moments during her dance is her current boyfriend. Even then, performing mature acts on a public show is highly condemnable.

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Disclaimer: The article shares intimate and explicit content.

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