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Zodiacs V2 Coin {Jan} Price, Chart, Supply, How To Buy?

This article describes a blockchain technology-based crypto racing game that rewards gamers for gaming and staking activities. Read on Zodiacs v2 Coin.

Do you know about an online racing game developed using advanced blockchain technology? If so, keep reading this article to know more about the topic that covers all the relevant information.

Gamers from Brazil and other parts of the world are looking to identify potential crypto gaming projects that can provide rewards in the form of gaming tokens. The gaming tokens can be used on the NFT marketplace to purchase valuable gaming NFTs. Read more about the Zodiacs v2 Coin.

About Zodiac Token (ZDC)

Zodiac is a blockchain technology-based gaming project that involves various racing games. The gaming platform provides various multiplayer gaming modes in which the player is rewarded for their gaming skill and performance.

The platform also has its own NFT marketplace where the player can purchase NFTs by paying the price of NFT in ZDC tokens. The game involves cars and drivers with twelve zodiac signs. Each combination of cars, drivers and gaming components has unique values. The player needs to pay high ZDC tokens to get more powerful cars.

Zodiacs v2 Coin

  • Zodiac token is the gaming token developed by the Zodiac crypto project to enable the purchase of various cars, gaming components and NFTs within the project ecosystem.
  • The initial step to participate in this racing game is to purchase a zodiac car based on the buyer’s budget.
  • Once the car is purchased, the user can use the car to compete in different gaming modes to earn rewards in ZDC tokens. These ZDC tokens can be used by gamers to upgrade their cars, drivers and to purchase other gaming NFT components.

Market Capitalization

  • Current Price of Zodiacs v2 Coin: $0.01009
  • Price Change(24h): $-0.00369
  • 24h Low: $0.01544
  • 24h High: $0.03052
  • Trading Volume(24h): $4,831,636.79
  • Volume / Market Cap: 10.74
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap: $449,969.10
  • Market Cap: $449,969.10
  • Market Rank: 2956
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 ZDC
  • Circulating Supply: 21,000,000 ZDC
  • Max Supply: 21,000,000 ZDC
  • ATH: $0.1816
  • ATL: $0.01065

Founders and Team

  • Kevin Doan is the founder of the Zodiac gaming project.
  • Davis Nguyen is the co-founder of this project.
  • Mike Tran is assigned to manage the marketing team.
  • Thuy Chi is the lead designer on the team.
  • Jack Trinh is a lead developer. Learn more about Zodiacs v2 Coin.

Where to Buy Zodiac Token?

  • Go to the official website of Zodiac Games.
  • Connect your MetaMask or Trustwallet with Zodiac Games.
  • Load your connected wallet with enough BNB tokens. Users can buy BNB tokens from the Binance exchange. 
  • At first, the user needs to have a minimum number of 2000 Zodiac Tokens.
  • Complete the purchase of ZDC tokens by paying a minimal gas fee.


Q1: Is there any staking facility available for ZDC tokens?

A1: Yes, the player can stake their ZDC tokens. Once the token staking is initiated, the player can’t stop the Zodiacs v2 Coin staking before the lock-in period. The rewards from staking can upgrade the gaming skills and player profile.

Q2: How many ZDC tokens are allocated for Play-To-Earn according to ZDC Tokenomics?

A2: 37% of the ZDC tokens are kept aside to reward players. So, 37,000,000 ZDC tokens are currently available to gamers.


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