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Zin Token (Sep 2021) Token Price, How to Buy? Chart

This presentation displays relevant facts of Zin Token, which one may read before thinking to trade this token in the Crypto market.

Do you love to collect brief ideas of different altcoins, especially those which gives play and get rewards schemes? Well, users of Zin Token across Venezuela, Argentina, and Spain want to know the Coin worth today and other possible notes representing this coin.

This article reveals tiny details of the Zin Coin, its current worth, contract address, and more of its useful details. The Coin project industry field is banking and finance services. This was founded in the UK and is a cryptocurrency. The Coin lies at the heart of the Zin Ecosystem and ensures the growth of the platform.

What Is Zin Finance?

Zin finance is a digital token which got launched in 2020. This coin operates on the platform of Ethereum. Zin can be simple and intuitive in the investment platform that will combine traditional stocks and investments tools in the crypto-currency. Zin Token holders can earn more of Zin Coin via staking. Additionally, they may also participate in governing their protocol. 

The special UI is provided, which focuses on the formation of growth nest despite trading. Zin Coin is a hundred percent deflationary Coin. The Coin also possesses a burn mechanism throughout until the supply are burned. The benefits of zin will be issued from the working and operation of the investment platform.

Zin Project Team 

  • Suneel Pervez: Program lead
  • Tiffany Mitchell: App and Mobile publishing lead
  • Martin Pijlman: Sales lead
  • SemDrawsALine: Illustrator

Zin Token Advisors 

  • Vladimir Gerneshii: Advisors, growth
  • Shahid Ali Khan: products Advisors 
  • Khurram Mahboob: Marketing Advisors and investors 
  • Natalia Johnson: Legal counsel

ZIN Price Statistics 

  • ZIN Coin price: $0.01095
  • 24 hours price change: no data
  • 24 hours high: $0.02216
  • 24 hours low: $0.01035
  • Twenty-four-hour trading volume: $192,097.67
  • Market cap/ Vol: no data
  • Market dominance: no data
  • It is fully diluted Market cap: $10,918,101.14

Zin Token Live Data

The live worth of ZIN Coin at present is $0.010918. The live Coin market cap rank is #3357. The live zin Coin market cap is not available. The Coin has shown no change in its value from the last twenty-four hours. 

ZIN Price Predictions 

As of 1st September 2021, the Zin Token is worth 0.007529 USD. By examining the recent price change in Zin Coin, the forecast members have predicted the Coin compound to be roughly 0.008616 USD tomorrow. By the end of 2021, the worth of the Coin can be $0.008783. And same is predicted for the coming year.

  •  1h price change: $0.007290
  •  24h Price change Zin Token: $0.01103
  •  7 days price change: $0.007529
  •  30 days price change: $0.007529
  •  1-year price change: $0.007529

Where To Buy And Store?

Interested one can sell and buy Zin using fiat currency. For now, the exchange list of Zin is missing. Once it gets listed on any exchange, you can have this currency. After that, you can store this token in a dedicated wallet for storing it for a longer time.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is the live worth of the ZIN coin?

Ans. The live worth of Zin now is $0.01095

  1. Contract address of Zin Coin.

Ans. 0x033e223870f766644f7f7a4B7dc2E91573707d06

  1. Total supply data of Zin Finance.

And. The total supply of zin Finance is unavailable.


Zin Token is currently not listed on any exchange as stated by coinbuddy .co, While other relevant Coin facts are displayed on different sources. There are various best apps for Cryptocurrency trading in which you may look for trading Zin Coin.

You may visit the Zin Finance Portal to be more precise about Coin.  

This article gives an overview of Coin Zin Finance.

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