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Zijie Yan Twitter: Who Killed Zijie Yan UNC Chapel Hill? Check Details On Shooting

The post elaborates details of Zijie Yan Twitter. Know full-fledged details on the shooting held in UNC.

Do you know about the UNC shooting? Have you heard about the victim? Zijie Yan Twitter is trending around the globe as he is the victim in the UNC shooting. The shooting was held in Chapel Hill the United States and has created tension over the states. The article will explain to you full-fledged details of Zijie Yan’s shooting.

Who is Zijie Yan? 

Zijie Yan, the associate professor of the University Of North Carolina at Chapel Hill faculty was shot dead by a student on 28 August 2023. The shooting was held at around 1:02  p.m. at Caudill Laboratories of the University. The authorities were called at the moment but they didn’t reveal the name of the culprit and victim initially. 

Who killed Zijie Yan UNC Chapel Hill

Zijie Yan was killed in a shooting at the University of North California. The shooting was held on Monday. Initially, the name of the victim and culprit was not revealed but later some sources revealed the name. The victim of the shooting is Zijie Yan. He is killed by a graduate student at Wuhan University. The student is identified as Tailei Qi. 

Tailei Qi has completed his graduation in physics from Wuhan University and post-graduation from Louisiana State University in material science and engineering. As per the online reports, Tailei Qi was taken into custody yesterday afternoon. The culprit is being questioned by the police.

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Why was Zijie Yan killed

Zijie Yan was shot dead on 28 August 2023. Several people are curious to know why the student killed the professor and what was the link between them. As per the online reports, Tailei Qi has been a part of Zijie Yan’s research group since 2022. The reports also suggest that Zijie Yan was the adviser of the culprit.

We can not state the reason behind the shooting as much information is not revealed regarding the case. Also, the authorities have not confirmed the name of the Victim and culprit but the names are leaked on internet sources. Therefore, it is known that a link between the victim and the culprit is found as per Zijie Yan Twitter and no additional information is found.

What was the aftermath of the shooting?

The shooting happened in the science building of UNC. After the shooting took place, the university was paralyzed as the authorities were fetching the culprit. The suspect was found after three hours of shooting. The authorities couldn’t find the gun that was used for the shooting. However, the reason and motive behind the killing are still unknown. 

On 1 August 2023, the suspect Zijie Yan tweeted a post on platform X, that he would like to make some new friends. Further, he wrote that he is a second-year Ph.D. student and very enthusiastic about talking on research. Zijie Yan Twitter is also trending in the platform X. 

Disclaimer: The post does not contain any sensitive photo or video. The information published here is taken from various online sources and social media platforms.

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The shooting has taken the life of the associate professor of the university. The culprit has been taken into custody. Currently, the investigation is ongoing. There are some links between the victim and the culprit as Tailei Qi was in research groups of Zijie Yan. Keep visiting for the latest details on this case. Visit this link to learn more details on Zijie Yan.

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