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{Updated} Zijie Yan LinkedIn: Find Professor’s Family, Wife, Google Scholar & Age Details!

The below write-up on Zijie Yan LinkedIn will give you all the facts related to trending news and help you to understand the case.

Do you know who is Zijie Yan? Why is he the topic of discussion? Zijie Yan is the victim of the gunshot in UNC-Chapel Hill. Now, his colleagues and students will remember Zijie because he has left the world. 

This news has shocked the people of the United States, and they are looking for Zijie Yan LinkedIn profile to learn more about him.

Disclaimer- We do not support any violent act and do not promote any specific personality. 

Go through the LinkedIn profile of Zijie Yan-

We have gone through Zijie Yan’s LinkedIn profile and have yet to get much detail about his professional or personal life. He has mentioned that he is an Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Around 159 members followed his profile. There has yet to be any recent post revealed here.

What happened to Zijie Yan?

Accused shooter Tailei Qi shot and murdered a University of North Carolina professor. He was a professor in the Department of Applied Physical Sciences, and he died after being shot on Monday at approximately 1 p.m. inside the school’s Caudill Laboratories.

What about the Family of Zijie Yan?

We did not get more details about his family, but the death of Zijie has left him in shock and his dear ones and his working fellow. We found that Zijie Yan had left two young children behind him. In addition to continuing his successful professional life as a postdoc at the University of Chicago and then as a faculty at Clarkson University, he distinguished himself by producing 17 journal papers throughout his Ph.D. studies, according to Professor Pawel Keblinski.

However, our findings did not get the name of Zijie’s Wife. Zijie Yan was the victim of the campus shooting on Monday, according to a statement from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. He has been employed by UNC since 2019 as an associate professor in the Department of Applied Physical Sciences. This news has gone viral on many social sites, including Twitter, and viewers are offering condolence to the lost soul and offering courage to his family through comments.

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Zijie Yan Google Scholar– Let’s read his achievements-

For four years, Zijie Yan worked as an associate professor at UNC. He was particularly interested in studying microfluidics, holography, electronic and photonic nanomaterials, and optical trapping and manipulation. About 17 research papers that he has published. Zijie Yan, a UNC physics professor killed on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill, was remembered as a passionate researcher and gregarious friend by the academic world on Tuesday as it was shocked at the news.

What is the Age of Zijie Yan?

Zijie Yan left the world at a very early age. He was only 38 years old and an enthusiastic researcher. Tulane University and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute also paid tribute to Yan on Tuesday. Doug Chrisey, Yan’s former adviser at Tulane University, remembers working with Yan to publish 17 articles when the latter was still studying English at RPI. According to university officials, the bell tower at UNC-Chapel Hill will ring in his honor on Wednesday after a minute of silence is observed.

Zijie Yan Professor, was shot dead on the university campus by a university student, who was arrested immediately. This news has caught the attention of internet users and has been posted on Reddit. 

University administrators said Monday and Tuesday’s courses and campus events will be postponed while authorities investigate.

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We found all the details about Zijie Yan LinkedIn profile, and he is no more, and mourned his dear one. The university also lost an excellent professor, and everyone is mourning his death. Authorities are still working on the case. 

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