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Zhanna Samsonova Instagram: Who Was Zhanna Samsonova? How Did She Die? Check Why She Is Trending On TikTok, Facebook And Instagram Account

This post on Zhanna Samsonova Instagram will explain all the crucial details about the demise of social media influencer Zhanna Samsonova.

Do you know Zhanna Samsonova? Have you heard about her demise? Zhanna Samsonova was a popular influencer and was famous on all the social media platforms. However, her demise has disheartened the people worldwide. This post on Zhanna Samsonova Instagram will explain all the crucial details about Zhanna Samsonova. Hence, we suggest everyone to read this post till the end.

What happened to Zhanna Samsonova? 

Zhanna Samsonova was a Russian influencer. She promoted vegan lifestyle on her social media accounts. However, unfortunately she passed away on 21st July 2023. The cause of her death has startled the internet. Reports have revealed that Zhanna Samsonova Died due to starvation. 

Samsonova went on a trip to Southeast Asia where she experienced swollen legs and extreme exhaustion. When Zhanna visited the doctor, she was advised to rest and take care of her health. However, Zhanna refused to take rest and sadly she passed away. Zhanna Samsonova’s mother also talked about her daughter’s demise and said that Zhanna Samsonova Dead was due to her extreme diet plan and an infection. 

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Who was Zhanna Samsonova?

Zhanna Samsonova was a social media influencer. She had thousands of followers on her social media platforms. However, recently all of her social media platforms like Instagram Account have been shut down. She was a vegan for around 10 years and always encouraged her followers to be vegan as well. Her diet plan consisted of just raw vegan foods. 

The demise of Zhanna Samsonova raised a big question on vegan lifestyle. People started questioning if vegan lifestyle is healthy or not. However, some reports on Zhanna Samsonova Facebook has indicated that Zhanna Samsonova did not have a well researched diet plan which led to get demise. Her vegan approach had various disadvantages which could led to serious starvation and potential health risks. Besides this, many people paid condolences to Zhanna Samsonova on social media. 

Social media links

Zhanna Samsonova is the main discussion on the social media platforms like Tiktok


Final words

To conclude this post, we pay our sincerest condolences to Zhanna Samsonova and hope that she rests in peace. Please visit this link to learn more about Zhanna Samsonova 

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Zhanna Samsonova Instagram – FAQs

Q1. Who was Zhanna Samsonova?

Answer: Zhanna Samsonova was a vegan social media influencer.

Q2. When did Zhanna Samsonova die?

Answer: Zhanna Samsonova died on 21st July 2023 during her trip to Malaysia.

Q3. How did Zhanna Samsonova die?

Answer: Reports have revealed that Zhanna Samsonova died due to starvation.

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