Zet Bnb Contract Address 2021

Zet Bnb Contract Address (Jun 2021) Checkout Details!

Zet Bnb Contract Address (Jun 2021) Checkout Details! >> Please read all information about the crypto worth and changeover. Choose the right one for your investment.

Are you aware of crypto and the recent one, which is ZET crypto? This word is grabbing much influence Worldwide, and its impact isn’t limited to a single area.

The token is quickly overgrowing and has remarkable success in even less than a quarter since its release. But, unfortunately, many people all over the globe are also unclear about the ticket. Learn about the valuable things by reading the post of Zet Bnb Contract Address.

What is Zet Bnb?

Zetacoin (ZET) is a digital currency. The $ZETBNB currency distributed in quantities of 500,000,000. 1BNB = $ZETBNB. The policy-making token of the Trading platform $ZETBNB is ZETBNB.

Purchase $ZETBNB with the help of BNB from Metamask or Confidence Wallet. If you are using Metamask, users must first link it to Binance Smart Chain. $ZETBNB is a Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 generic coin.

Founders of ZET BNB:

There is no clarity regarding who are the founders of ZET BNB, but pretty much other information are available about it in this article. 

Current ZET Trade Data

Zetacoin’s current valuation is USD 0.002278, but a 24-h trading activity is not present. Zetacoin has risen by 2.66 per cent over the last 24 hours.

Before moving to Zet Bnb Contract Address, Read the market rating and market.

With perhaps a live trading volume of USD 396,546, the latest Coin MarketCap rating is #2025. It has a total stock of 174,038,831 ZET tokens and a maximum supply of nothing.

Zetacoin Market

People obtain ZET via the mining procedure. Zetacoin currently seems to have a stock of 174,038,830.7548487. Zetacoin’s latest reported value is 0.00228668 USD, up 2.98 during the last 24hrs.

It is presently trading on one dynamic market(s), with a total volume of $0.00 exchanged throughout the previous 24hrs.

Zet Bnb Contract Address

  • Contract Address – 0xB89ADD4A17eaDB084a065f9CAcE752a268dab8b3
  • Wallet – 7.196694749916068726 Ether
  • Ether Price – $30,925.35
  • My title Lable – Not present now, login to update
  • Zet coin Tracker – ZETBNB coin
  • Watchlists – 1,316

ZET BNB Supply Chain and Holders:

According to BscScan, it has a flexible supply chain, and there has been 320,020,138,570 total supply as of 24th May. The holders also have huge numbers but a significant one with 15 holders of ZET BNB. As the number of holders will increase of this coin, the price will automatically increase. 

BNB sent from a Smart Chain address

BNB can only send 99 times to an intelligent Chain address (SCA). So please ensure funds to ensure that they are #SAFU. It’d be quick to give BNB to a Trust Wallet customer since it entirely assisted. Although, for time running, if you’d like to sell your BNB, you should give it to your Binance fund. You can also find complete details here.

Till now, you must get cleared about the Zet Bnb Contract Address.

How Can users Verify BSC Exchanges?

The Etherscan group uses BscScan 346, a network browser for (BSC), which facilitates BSC mainnet 346 and testnet 40. Even it shares several attributes with Etherscan.


Please take a glance at it because it contains all of the critical information. Cryptos have become more common as users trade in them wisely and carefully begin to gain more significant benefits. If you have faced a scam, please read here to know more.

This is among the famous values estimated. Each day, the stock map, current value, and trading volume shift. Users must keep updated.

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