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Zenithdebt.com Scam: Read Legit Post & Fair Reviews!

Read the facts on Zenithdebt.com Scam and reviews in the blog.

Have you received correspondence, phone calls, or in-person visits from Zenith Debt Recovery? It is a calling scam that is reported in the United States. Moreover, there is a need to get more facts about Zenithdebt.com Scam. So, let’s read the blog. 

What is Zenithdebt.com Scam?

Zenithdebt.com Scam is constantly cheating people by calling to individuals. Many people have reported this scam. Zenith Bill Recovery is likely contacting you on a bill you have. Debt Recovery Plus Limited trades under the brand Zenith. 

They go by the name Zenith Collections as well, although they are all associated with the scam business. The callers take your details and tell you to pay your amount immediately, no matter whether you have taken debt or not.

Focused on Zenithdebt.com Reviews

This financial organization needs to promote itself on social sites, so we did not get any client feedback here. Even another financial service ignored it, so there are no client testimonies reported by us.

However, in our deep study of this portal, we found a few negative comments from users. They are frustrated with its service. They have received many fake calls from this portal.

One person stated that they did not take any loan from it, but still, they are getting calls from this financial company. It clearly indicates that the Zenithdebt.com Scam is cheating people. Know here– How to avoid Credit Card scams.

Have your rights been dishonored by Zenith Debt Recovery?

  • Tying up extra expenses and penalties to the principal amount beyond an interest cap of 8%
  • Reaching out to you at work on the weekends, holidays, or before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.


To analyze Zenithdebt.com Reviewswe will concentrate on its vital facts to check its legitimacy-

  • The website was created a few days ago.
  • It might be possible that it will shut down in 2024.
  • We did not find its trust score.
  • There is no detail about the trust index.
  • The portal social media page needs to be included.
  • We found negative testimonies about the portal services.
  • There is no Alexa ranking.
  • The threat, phishing, and malware scores are missing.
  • The portal creator did not mention the name of the portal holder.

Read about the Zenithdebt.com Scam website in detail-

  • Scammer’s calling number- We found two numbers that scammers use to contact people-(888) 503-1248 and (888)-6981443
  • The website used by scammers is -zenithdebt.com
  • The address of the scammers is- OH, USA.
  • Type of a scam -Debt Collections

How can you avoid scams?

  • If you find a call from an unknown number, try to avoid it.
  • Don’t click on any unwanted links.
  • You can report this scam by contacting a genuine caller through the company website.

To read Zenithdebt.com Reviews, get its positive highlights-

  • It has valid HTTP encryption.
  • Not detected by any blacklist engine.

Negative Highlights-

  • It is unable to create enough traffic.
  • It is too young, so it lacks in popularity.
  • Many authentic details need to be included.
  • There needs to be a contact number added.
  • There is no physical address.
  • Its users report a scam.


In our analysis, we found that many users reported the Zenithdebt.com Scam. It is a phony scam and a way to make money to make financial fraud with people. Click here to get more information on it. Get to know- How to get a full refund on a PayPal, If scammed.

Have you ever been cheated by any phony scam? Please tell us in the comment section.

Disclaimer- To educate readers about this kind of scam is our key intention rather than to promote it.

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