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Zenith Mushoku Tensei Wiki: Check Full Details On Mushoku Tensei Elinalise, And Zenith Mushoku Tensei Death

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Who is Zenith?

Zenith plays an important role in the anime called Mushoku Tensei. Zenith Greyrat is the wife of Paul and the mother of Rudeus and Norn. Zenith ran away with Paul before starting a family with him. She took birth in the Holy Country of Millis. Zenith was the second daughter of the Earl of Millis. She followed the Millis Church religion. Zenith appeared as a positive character in this anime. She always got good grades in school and never broke any rules. She was also known as Millis young lady standard. Mushoku Tensei Elinalise was also a member of Paul’s party. She helped Roxy to search for Rudeus ‘family.

About Mushoku Tensei

It is one of the best fantasy Isekai anime. Like other Isekai, Mushoku also has an interesting plot and characters. The fabulous worldbuilding also makes this anime interesting and popular. The anime’s protagonist, Rudeus, is presented in a great way. He has been shown as a flawed human who takes a second chance to rectify himself like other characters. He takes his responsibility to get a better position in life. Mushoku has been considered to be the most logical of all Isekai. 

Zenith Mushoku Tensei Wiki

The role of Zenith makes the anime more interesting. Most viewers love her warm and loving personality. She has played the role of a loving mother who has also appeared strict about keeping her children on track. She also cannot control herself when people destroy the plants in her garden. She does not express her emotions actively, seeing the world as a dream after being freed from the Teleport Labyrinth. But, she sometimes expresses her emotions when acting against Norn or Rudeus. Zenith Mushoku Tensei Death has been mentioned as K459. Her current age is 28 years. She appears more youthful than her current age. She looked younger as she was trapped in a magic crystal after the Teleport incident.

Although Zenith was trying to find a job as a healer, she was also a solo adventurer. Since she had little knowledge about how expensive healers are and how they can be used as a shield against monsters. Later Paul saves her from such a dangerous incident. Then Paul hired her as a healer for his Fangs of the Black Wolf party. Thus, Zenith Mushoku Tensei Wiki became popular and appeared to be an important character.

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