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Zecira Musovic Boyfriend: Check Husband, Parents, Salary, Instagram & Height Details Here Now!

In the article below, you will find details about Zecira Musovic Boyfriend, personal and professional life, and career growth.

Do you follow women’s football? Do you know who is the current boyfriend of Zercira Musovic? Football fans are widely showing their interest in the boyfriend of Zecira Musovic. 

People in the United States comment on social media guarding the personal life of the goalkeeper. Additionally, everyone wants to know the name of Zecira Musovic Boyfriend.

Who is the Boyfriend of Zecira Musovic? 

Zecira Musovic is currently dating ice hockey player Alen Bibic, and the relationship between the two sportspersons is sparking social media. Zecira played an excellent game for her team Chelsea in the recent games. As an outcome, people started following her and getting information about her life.

The first thing that people want to know about Zecira is regarding her Husband and relationship. However, there is confirmation that she’s not married but dating Alen. She also had a great career in the Women’s Super League and played for country Sweden. In her previous season, Zecira made 19 appearances for Chelsea. 

Family of Zecira Musovic 

Netizens are also interested to know about the Parents of Zecira Musovic. However, there is no information about the father and mother of Zecira. As per her biography, the only information available is that her family had a tough time in Serbia. In the 90s, Zecira and her siblings and parents migrated to Sweden and began their new life. 

Additionally, there is no information about her family on her Instagram page. She has more than 201K followers and a verified account. You can see all her personal and professional life short stories on Instagram. 

Moreover, people believe she could have a successful career with Chelsea, and how she performs for the team could be life-changing for her. Moreover, her past fifa rating has been raised to 78. 

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Professional Life of Zecira Musovic 

Despite the boyfriend and personal life of Zecira, People are also excited to know the Salary of the Goalkeeper. As per the current contract, she has a net worth of $5 million, and her weekly payment is around £12,000. 

As per the record, it is a goalkeeper’s highest salary in the women’s section. Additionally, Chelsea plans to renew her contract for the same wages. The professional football goalkeeper became a celebrity after an excellent career with Chelsea. 

Moreover, the public reaction to Zecira Musovic Boyfriend and her past controversy in Sweden also gained her public attention. 

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Final Verdict

Zecira Musovic was in the limelight when people started searching her career stats as a Chelsea goalkeeper and about her boyfriend. Alen Bibic is currently dating Zecira, and the couple has become the favorites of many sports lovers. Additionally, you can find all the information regarding her personal life and career.

Which is your favorite football club in the women’s category? Comment below. 

Zecira Musovic Boyfriend: FAQs

Q1 What is the age of Zecira Musovic? 

She is 26-year-old

Q2 What is the date of birth of Zecira Musovic?

Zecira Musovic was born on 26 May 1996

Q3 What is the jersey number of Zecira Musovic?

Her current club jersey number is 1.

Q4 What is the weight of Zecira Musovic?

According to FIFA stats, Zecira weighs around 73 KG.

Q5 When did Zecira Musovic start her football career?

She started her football career in 2011 under the women’s team Division II and then played with FC Rosengard and is currently in Chelsea. 

Q6 What is the Height of Zecira Musovic? 

She is 180 cm tall. 

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