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{Full Watch} Zeba Gul Viral Video Linkedin: Check Complete Facts Here!

The article on Zeba Gul Viral Video LinkedIn has provided detailed information about the viral video.

Who is Zeba Gull or Ziba Gul? Why is Zeba Gul trending on the internet? What is the viral video of Zeba Gul? If you want to know about Zeba Gul Viral Video LinkedIn, this article is the right place. People Worldwide want to know everything about the viral video and Ziba Gul. 

Zeba Gul’s Viral Video & LinkedIn Profile

Zeba Gull is a social media influencer, and a mature video has gone viral. Unfortunately, we were not able to trace Zeba’s LinkedIn account. A few accounts had the same name, but the description or profile picture did not match. As per the sources, the video leaked has explicit and mature content.

On Reddit, people are discussing Zeba’s leaked video; in the video, Zeba was seen lying on a bed. It appeared that she was involved in mature activity, but apart from Zeba, nothing was visible. Thus, many people assume that the video has mature content. Many netizens have also claimed to have watched the video and said it has explicit content. 

Disclaimer: The article has news about a social media influencer, Zeba Gul. Rumors have it that an explicit video of Zeba has been spreading on social media. 

Details About Zeba Gul

As per research, Zeba Gul/ Gulley is her Instagram account name. But her real name is Ziba Ghafar, and she lives in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and was born & brought up there. Many articles and material online claim that Zeba is Pakistani or Afghani, but nothing is mentioned by her on her social media.

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However, in a social media post on 19th August 2023, she posted a video of herself with Afghanistan’s national flag wrapped around her. Ghafar is famous on every social media platform. She has been in trend because of the viral video controversy. 

Tiktok and other social media 

Zeba has a solid and stable social media presence. She has a massive following on her social media accounts. Here are the links and details about her social media:


As per details, she got famous through her TikTok account and made a name for herself in this industry. She has over 14.7 million followers and has 479.4 million likes. Her account handle is ‘xzayx89.’ She posts lifestyle, lip-sync, and fashion-related videos on this platform. Zeba’s Twitter account was not found.

Instagram-Account Link

Gulley has 1 million followers on Instagram, and she follows 403 people. Zeba is active on this platform, and as per her bio, she has a beauty brand of her own, ‘Zayxbeautyx.’ She loves to travel and eat different types of cuisines. Her name on this platform is Ziba Ghafar, and she has pinned her location in UAE. Ziba’s Facebook profile was not traceable.

YouTube Account Link

Her channel has more than 82 thousand subscribers, and she has posted 155 videos till now. As per some sources, Ziba was born on 6th December 1989. 


In today’s article, we have discussed a leaked or viral video of a TikToker, Zeba Gul. As per reports, the video has explicit content, but the video is now not available on social media. Many believe that it is a rumor to spoil Zeba’s image. There is a heavy discussion about Ziba Ghafar on every social networking site, including Telegram. If you wish to know more about Zeba Gul or Ziba Ghafar, click here.

Have you watched the Zeba Gul Viral Video on social media? If yes, please provide details about Zeba’s viral video through comments. 

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