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Zav Girl Autopsy Photos: What Is Zav Girl YouTube Real Name? Grab Full Details On Zav Girl Gannon Autopsy

The article explains the autopsy photos that the Zav Girl shared by charging money to view them. All details can be obtained by reading Zav Girl Autopsy Photos.

Did you hear about the photos that are viral on YouTube? Did you know about the person who released those on social media? How much was she charging for those photos? What was there in those pictures? What are the reactions of the people from the United States towards Zav Girl? Know more information on these photos by reading Zav Girl Autopsy Photos.


Who is Zav Girl?

The real name of the Zav girl was unknown. But she shared the autopsy photos of the 11-year-old child. In 2020, according to News Nation correspondent Brian Entin, his mother, Leticia Stauch, stabbed and shot 11-year-old Gannon Stauch. Through the Freedom of Information Act, Zav Girl requested information about the murder. As per sources, A $3 fee was charged for people to access the photos on Zav Girl’s Patreon account. As of now, her account has been deleted. Zav Girl Gannon Autopsy was spreading viral on online platforms.

What was the motive of Zav Girl to share those pics?

Zav Girl stated that she had posted autopsy photos to know what people do and how they react. Zav Girl mentioned few people think posting such videos is bad, and she respects those feelings. Few of them think it was helpful to know more scientifically how they detached. As per sources, she, too, stated that people might think it bad to charge money to view.

Zav Girl YouTube Real Name  

As per ources, Zav Girl has revealed her face on YouTube and her real name is Tiffany. The video was about the crime that happened in 2020; Gannon Stauch’s mother shot and stabbed him. He was just 11 years old. 

Opinions of the Public towards the video

Many people shared their opinions in the comment section stating that it was very bad to share autopsy photos and how the child’s parents feel after watching them. Another person said sharing Zav Girl Autopsy Photos to earn money isn’t nice. Few mentioned that the case was already closed, and the person was punished. The family members were trying to return to normal, but how did they feel after watching such a video? Many users unsubscribed the account for posting such videos. It was not fair to play with other emotions. 

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As per online sources, Zav Girl, a YouTuber who posts true crime videos, has been attacked for charging money for autopsy photos of a killed Colorado boy on her Patreon page. This news was spreading viral on the social media platforms. Zav Girl charges $3 to view the video. Conflicts were raised due to the posting of autopsy photos. Know more details on Zav Girl online.

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