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{Full Watch} Zandie Tlabela Trending Video Leaked On Twitter: Is Video Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Youtube

We bring to you extensive details of Zandie Tlabela Trending Video Leaked On Twitter, Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, and Telegram.

Did you know about memes and funny comments trending in South Africa about Zandie Tlabela’s live video? What was the Zandie’s video about? What did Zandie say on the podcast? Who is Zandie? Let’s check all the facts about Zandie Tlabela Trending Video Leaked On Twitter.

Zandie Tlabela Trending Video Leaked On Twitter:

Zandie Tlabela’s video went viral on the internet on 21st September 2023. It was revealed that Zandie went live on the TikTok platform a few days ago. Zandie was on a high and seemed intoxicated. She was furious and in a bad mood. Her facial appearance was awful, with scattered hairs.

Zandie’s video on Telegram:

No Zandie’s video video was found on Telegram. However, Telegram is a private messaging platform. Hence, access to the Telegram group requires an invite link from existing Telegram members. Therefore, the presence of Zandie’s video, specifically on Telegram groups, is undetermined. 

Zandie’s video Viral On Reddit:

Several viewers were watching her live video. Zandie busted into anger and spoke in Basotho and South African language. Her speech rate was very fast. In her live podcast, Zandie stated that she is on the internet spending long hours. No Zandie’s video or related posts were Viral On Reddit. She weirdly repeated the words twice and stretched up on the term long hours. 

She gave an angry expression with her lips, pronouncing the words as though she was frustrated. Later, she said it might not have taken such long hours to create a painting of the Mona Lisa. 

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Zandie’s video on Instagram:

She stated that no one has the right to judge her. Her audience was shocked to see Zandie in a sloshed state and recorded her video to be made viral online. Zandie did not specify on what subject or on whom she was irate. No Zandie’s video or related posts were present on Instagram. She spoke randomly just to let out her frustration.

Zandie has a good number of followers on TikTok. Zandie posts general videos on TikTok related to her regular day, household stuff, enjoying with her toddle, Etc. 

Zandie’s video on Youtube:

She is popular as Miss Beke Le Beke, which is the title of a famous Basotho song. The Twitter posts also included a description – let the cats out from Russia! It was because of the frustrating impression given in the Zandie video. No Zandie’s video or related posts were present on YouTube.

The Twitter users created memes by hashtagging her video as #RoyaltySoapieAwards. It is the name of the award given to the best South African actors for their acting in soap and opera. No Zandie’s video or related posts were present on Telegram. At the same time, people made fun of her video by including the hashtag #rosemaryndlovu, which is used to specify women who had murdered her family and partner.

Social media links:


Her sixty-nine videos, including @marothi_vincent/video/7280781275131088134 Tiktok video, were hashtagged as #the girl need to be rushed to the hospital on saline! Zandie was behaving uncontrollably and also used profanity. Her video was updated on Twitter, stating that a woman from Polokwane. Zandie should not have gone live on Tiktok after she was intoxicated.

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