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The article on Zachary Latham Video Original explained in detail the case of Zachary Latham and the Durham family.

Are you aware of the Zachary Latham Case? What did he do? Why is he trending on social media? If you wonder about the above questions, this article on Zachary Latham Video Original is for you. People from Canada and the United States were shocked when the case first surfaced in May 2020. The case is old, but people are still searching for its details.


Case Details 

Zachary Latham and Durham Family case first came to attention in May 2022, when a teenager, Zachary, killed his 51-year-old neighbour William Durham in a feud. William was stabbed to death by Latham, who was (18-years-old at that time) on 4th May 2020 in a South Jersey neighbourhood. Per prosecution papers from Durham’s lawyer, Sarah, wife of Zachary, recorded the incident on her phone to post it on TikTok. Thus, people have been searching for Zachary Latham Full Video.

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Events Leading to Fatal Confrontation 

It all started when Zachary moved to live with his grandparents in Vineland, New Jersey. One day William (a neighbour of Zachary) complained to him about his rash and reckless driving, causing trouble to the other residents, and he apologised for his actions. 

As per sources, after this, Zachary began to post TikTok videos of conversations with William’s wife, Catherine, every time, and he addressed her rudely. As per sources, one day in April 2020, Zachary almost hit Durham’s teenage son (on his bicycle) with his truck. Catherine then tried to confront Zachary about the incident, and he knocked off her phone as she was recording him by throwing his elbow at her. 

Information on Zachary Latham Video Original

On 4th May 2020, William’s sons confronted Zachary for his recent actions, and later, Mr Durham arrived. Zachary was armed with a knife, while the Durhams were empty-handed. The event’s repercussions were deadly; Durham’s sons also sustained injuries. 

The proper research into the case also unveils that every time Zachary posted a video of the Durham family, he received comments that were instigating and violent. When the news about the fatal incident being recorded by Sarah got out, many claimed that Latham planned the whole incident to gain fame. As of today, something needs to be clarified about why Zachary Latham Full Video was recorded. 


A case of a fatal fight between neighbours in the Vineland neighbourhood, where a teenager Zachary Latham killed William Durham in May 2020, went viral on social media. People want to know more details about the culprit Zachary and the reason behind his actions. As per Durham’s lawyer, the killing was planned, and thus, the incident was recorded by Sarah. For detailed analysis, click here

Was the killing of Mr William Durham planned by Zachary for TikTok fame? Do share your crucial views on this topic. 

Updates on Zachary Latham Video Original: FAQs

Q1. Who is Zachary Latham?

A1. Zachary was a resident of New Jersey’s small city of Vineland, where he killed his neighbour, William Durham.

Q2. Why did he kill Mr Durham?

A2. The motive behind his actions is not clear yet. Many suggest that the case is not self-defence but a planned killing.

Q3. When did this happen?

A3. It happened on 4th May 2020.

Q4. Who recorded the feud on 4th May?

A4. Sarah, Zachary’s wife, recorded the feud on her phone in which William was killed.

Q5. Is there any Zachary Latham Video Original?

A5. Durham’s lawyers claimed that there is such a video present. 

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