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[Full Video Link] Yvonne Plaza Chua Video: Has The Scandal Details Found In Cctv Footage? Read Details Here!

We informed the readers about Yvonne Plaza Chua Video. We also shared information about the culprits and who is the prime suspect.

Did you get the current news that happened in Davao City? People are stunned and shocked after getting the news. People from the Philippines and around the world are curious to know the story behind this act and who was responsible for it.

If you are curious to know the same, we have brought all the information in this article that will give you all the details about Yvonne Plaza Chua Video.


What happened in the Yvonne Plaza Chua Video?

In the video, a woman named Yvonne Plaza Chua was murdered on the street. She was shot dead in the green Meadows subdivision just in front of her house at Barangay Tugbok.

According to the video, there were 2 assailants, and they both ran away after killing the woman.

What did police do after watching the Yvonne Chua Plaza Cctv footage?

In the CCTV footage, Davao city police saw that one assailant was in the motorbike and another was pointing his gun at Yvonne’s head. After they killed her, they escaped with the victim’s purse.

After finding the CCTV Footage, cops are still investigating the case. And according to Catherine Dela Rey, Spokesperson of Davao City Police, either a personal grudge or robbery could be 2 possible reasons for this cruel act.

Who is the suspect behind the Yvonne Chua Plaza Scandal?

Many people on the internet have dragged B/Gen. Jesus Durante was a suspect said that he had been abusing her physically. They also talked about a post about her where she was covered in bruises and said that she has a threat to her life.

However, the Army official has denied all the charges and involvement in this murder case. He also has demanded justice for Yvonne Chua Plaza.

What did B/Gen. Jesus Durante states on the Yvonne Chua Plaza Scandal?

He said Yvonne Chua Plaza was her friend and wanted justice for her. He also added that he is being dragged in this case because of the post from last year. He stated that Yvonne had already cleared out last year that Durante did not harm her and that post was not for Durante.

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The final verdict

Yvonne was murdered in front of her house by 2 culprits, and police are investigating Army official Durante as he is the prime suspect in this murder case. 

Do you think Durante is the mastermind behind this murder case? Provide your views on this article in the comment below.

Yvonne Chua Plaza Cctv (FAQs)

1-Was the face of the murderer revealed in the CCTV footage?

A-No, they both were wearing helmets that covered their whole face.

2- How old was Yvonne Chua Plaza?

A- She was 38 years old when she lost her life.

3- What did Yvonne Chua Plaza do for a living?

A- She was a businesswoman and a model.

4- What happened to the bag that the murderers stole for the body?

A- They burned all the personal belongings like ID, Cellphone, and all cards.

5- Has anyone confessed to the Yvonne Chua Plaza Scandal?

A- Yes, as per the respondents’ confession, Durante appreciated the culprit after hearing the killing news of Yvonne.

6- Did Yvonne Chua Plaza live in her own house?

A- She used to live in a rented house.

7- Has Durante been dragged behind bars?

A- Not yet. As he has denied all the allegations.

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