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{Updated} Yuzuncuyil Harikalar com: Check Reviews & Legitimacy Of The Portal!

Learn more about the Yuzuncuyil Harikalar com website, along with its specifications and legitimacy check of Yuzuncuyil.harikalar.con site.

Are you the person who keeps updated with the latest geographical happenings around the world? Then, was Turkey‘s 100th Republic Day wonderfully celebrated by the people?

The 100th anniversary is always a golden memory for all the citizens, and in order to escalate all the emotions, the Yuzuncuyil Harikalar com website, powered by the Harikalar company, has come up with AI photography, gift distribution, etc., so here in this article we are going to discuss the respective website in detail.

About Yuzuncuyil Harikalar com website

This is a website that is mainly designed for people to click on a duo picture of Turkey founder Atatürk using AI technology on the occasion of the celebration of the 100th Republic Day of Turkey. In addition to that, this website has also announced that it will offer Republic bracelets at a reduced cost of 99.99 TL.

October 29 is the Republic Day of Turkey, so this website has been trending lately as people are more interested in their AI pictures and bracelets. In addition to that, this website also shares information about technological advancements and marketing campaign services.

Yuzuncuyil.harikalar.con specifications

Even though the website has been created for a good cause, upon opening the website link, every visitor is provided with a waiting time of at least 20 minutes. Thus, in order to enter the website, one has to wait at least 20 minutes. This is a very big disadvantage of using this website. This attribute has led us to double-check all the parameters of the website, so let’s get started with it!

  • Website link: yuzuncuyil.harikalar.com
  • Contact number: +9002122473929
  • Contact mail address: Not mentioned
  • Founded in 2006
  • Privacy policy: The Yuzuncuyil.harikalar.con website has shared its privacy policy in a detailed manner.
  • Social media activity: This website is owned by a company named Harikalar, and the company has its profile on LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. But if we see their social media accounts, we can see the workings of the Harikalar company.
  • Reviews: There is no reviews section on the website, but there are so many people who have tried the AI photo session with Yuzuncuyil, and their comments and feedback can be seen on their social media accounts.

Yuzuncuyilharikalar com legitimacy check

In order to know about the real nature of the website, it is critical to analyze the below-mentioned parameters.

  • Domain created on: The domain creation date is not available.
  • Expiry date: The domain is going to expire in a shorter period.
  • Trust score: 100%


  • The advantage of the website is that it has a 100% trust score, which is very difficult for a website to attain.
  • The website has provided a detailed explanation of their privacy policies. So, the chances of misusing people’s data are rare.
  • This website comes under the Harikalar Company, so it adds more authenticity to the Yuzuncuyilharikalar com website.


  • The waiting time on the website is too long.
  • The website cannot share the important information.
  • The domain details of the website are not allowed for the public to view. 

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Thus, in this article, we have mentioned all the necessary details about the Harikalar website. This company used to do many technological and campaign services. Presently, due to the celebration of the 100th Republic Day, they have come up with the AI photo with the Atatürk session with the help of Yuzuncuyil Harikalar com website. Thus, readers have to be more conscious upon uploading their images. 

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Reference Link: Yuzuncuyil Harikalar com: 100 YıL Yapay Zeka, Yuzuncuyil.harikalar.com, Ataturk Ile FotoğRaf çEkme!

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