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Yunus Musah Parents: Who Is Yunus father? Explore Full Details On Religion, nationality, salary, Biography, Age, Net worth, And Girlfriend

The biography of Yunus had given in the article, and readers can read the Yunus Musah Parents for a complete account of Yunus.

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Who is Yunus Musah?

An American who plays professional football is named Yunus Musah. The parents of Yunus Musah are Amina and Ibrahim. He is a defender for the American national team and La Liga group Valencia. The upcoming USMNT World Cup standout, he is. He chose to symbolize the USA over three other nations.

Story of Yunus Musah’s Childhood

Yunus Musah is an American because he had raised in Castelfranco Veneto, New York City. He relocated to Italy, where in only 2000, he began working with Giorgione Calcio.


Story of Yunus Musah's Childhood

At nine Age, he relocated across Italy to London and enrolled at the Arsenal Academy. At 16, he decided to join Valencia in the season of 2019. At 16, he made his first professional appearance on September 15, 2019, over CF La Nucia with the B-team. Abdul Musah is the name of his other sibling. While his Ghanaian mom was on vacation there, he had birthed in New York City.

He is twenty years old. Ibrahim Musah, Yunus’ father, and Amina Musah, his mother, gave birth to him. His dad is also from Ghana. After his birth, he relocated to Italy and later established a career while residing in Castelfranco Veneto.

Yunus Dimoara Musah was the child of parents Ibrahim and Amina Musah born on November 29, 2002, in New York, in the United States. Ghanaian is Yunush Musah’s ethnicity. His parents were born in Africa.

His anticipated Net worth for the year 2022 is $6 million. Given the caliber of the player, this number would increase in the future. Yunus Musah has served as a consistent starter and a productive player for the Spanish team. He makes about $1.1 million a year. Additionally, the youngster had bounded by a long-term deal with the athletic wear company Puma. The midfielder is regarded as the USMNT’s potential and is among the most talented young players in La Liga.


  • Full name: Yunus Musah
  • Profession: Footballer
  • Father of Yunus: Ibrahim Musah
  • Mother of Yunus: Amina Musah
  • Nationality of Yunus: American, English
  • Siblings: Three Brothers and a sister
  • Education: Eastbury Community School
  • Height: 177cm
  • Weight: 75kg
  • Residence: United States
  • Age: 20 years
  • DOB: November 29 2002
  • Place of birth: New York, United States

He stands at 5 feet 10 inches. He is a midfielder who plays. As of 2022, he is 19 years old, and his nationality is American. Musah believes in Islam. He plays midfield for Valencia Central. His religious beliefs have rarely been discussed in public, however. Musah’s family came from Ghana before migrating to Europe and, as such, belongs to the Muslim community. He is now a member of the USA team competing in the Fifa World Cup 2022. Media conferences have never been an opportunity for the American football player to compromise his Religion in his faith.

Various Interesting Facts about Yunus Musah

Musah could compete for England, Ghana, or Italy in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. He was raised in Italy and England by both parents from Ghana. The player, however, decided to represent the American team.

Musah, a stunning American athlete, is currently unmarried and wants to concentrate more on his professional career. Valencia is giving the kid a mind-blowing $20,000 weekly salary.

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Musah was encouraged to the senior team following spending a season with Valencia’s B team. He began playing professionally for the La Liga club in 2020 and has since appeared in over 70 games. At barely 17 years old, he made his professional debut for Valencia. Gather more details online.

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Biography of Yunus- FAQ

Q1. How old is Yunus Musah?

20 years

Q2. Where is Yunus musah born?

New York, United States

Q3. Who are the parents of Yunus Musah?

Ibrahim and Amina Musah are Yunus Musah’s parents.

Q4. What is Yunus Musah’s name?

Football player Yunus Musah.

Q5. Net Worth of Yunus Musah?

$7 Million in total

Q6. Is there any Girlfriend for Yunus Musah?


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