Yummy Coin Price (May) Coin Price, How To Purchase It

Yummy Coin Price (May 2021) Chart, Token, How To Buy?

Yummy Coin Price (May) Coin Price, How To Purchase It? >> Please learn more about a charitable coin that is creating news in the crypto market.

Have you heard about the Yummy Coin? If you are a crypto follower, you might have some information about this Coin. But if you are confused and wondering about what this Coin is? Then this post is for you.

Yummy Coin is gaining popularity Worldwide among the investors and buyers that invest in crypto. Its increase in popularity has caused an increase in Yummy Coin PriceSo let us discuss this Coin in brief.

What is Yummy Coin?

As you might have guessed so far, Yummy Coin is a cryptocurrency with different and very good intentions towards its existence. This Coin is a charity coin, and the goal of this Coin is to end world hunger.

This Coin is set to transform by giving while earning and benefits the charity and its investors at the same time. The most effective thing about this is returning the profit through charity 3% of every investment goes to the charity. Maybe that is the reason the Yummy Coin Price is increasing.

Is this Coin great for Investment?

Cryptocurrency is getting more famous than ever because of the social media platforms and promotion of well-known personalities. For example, famous boxer and Youtuber Jake Paul has tweeted about this Coin and had said that he already invested in this charity coin.

This Coin also promises that it is futuristic, and the investors of this Coin have already gained much profit from this coin. So, let us move ahead to know more about the price of the coin.

What is the Yummy Coin Price?

The current price of Yummy Coin is only $0.0000597567 Worldwide. The price of this Coin is very down now, and it is increasing very rapidly.

So, if you want to invest in charity and yourself, this will be the time to buy this Coin. But, it is not certain that you will profit from investing, and we don’t promise, and it is your call. 

What is the Total Supply?

This coin has launched 1,000,000,000,000 yummy tokens in May 1 2021. And currently 272,830,435,556 have already burned.

What is the Transaction Tax?

Every transaction of this coin has 9 % of transaction tax, and the dividend is 3% goes to locked up, about 3% goes to holders, and 3 % deposited to Charity funds.

How to buy Yummy Coin?

If you have read about this crypto coin so far, you may know Yummy Coin Price is low, and you may want to purchase it. Here are the steps you need to follow to get this Coin:

  • It would be best if you had an existing crypto wallet.
  • Go to the Pancake Swap, where you can transform your tokens to yummy.
  • If you are in Pancake Swap, select the current and paste the contract Address of yummy crypto.
  • Adjust your slippage to 12% to confirm the accuracy of trade.
  • Enter the amount of trade, and you will get your Yummy Coin.

What is the Future of Yummy Coins?

The Yummy Coin Price would increase in the future. First, Yummy Coin was announced as a community-owned coin, and later, it was launched on PanCakeSwap. But, it is not all that the coin has in store. 

The community plans to launch the mech, charity, and NFT marketplace while integrating a payment processing system to allow holders to pay using the coin via credit card. The catch is that a small part of the sales (3%) would go for charity.    

The future is bright for the coin, especially if it sustains the same momentum. But, still, you can head to know how much this Coin has already donated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q – What is the Yummy Coin Price?

A – The price is $0.0000597567, as of now.

Q – What is the official website of Yummy Coin?

A – The link to the official website is: https://yummycrypto.com/.

Q – How much amount it has donated?

A – $605,000 has already been donated by this coin.

Q – What is the amount of every transaction that goes to the charity?

A – 3% of every transaction goes to donations in charity.

Wrapping It All

Hopefully, the Yummy Coin Price is clear to you. This post is not to make you invest in this Coin. Instead, this is to inform you about price and other related facts to this crypto.

Have you invested in Yummy Coin already? Please tell us about your experience in the comment section below. Also, please do share this post to inform others. Moreover, if you are keen to know the best apps to trade in for Cryptocurrency, then this link would be helpful.

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