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Yts5 Tiktok Video Download: Explore The Feature And Legitimacy Of The Site

We bring to you exclusively consolidated facts about Yt5s and Yts5 TikTok Video Download in this write-up.

Did you know there are two websites with the name One website has a ink domain, and other has a .com domain! Did you know that is a website popular in Pakistan for allowing import of TikTok videos? Let’s check all the details of Yts5 TikTok Video Download.

About Yts5 TikTok Video Download: is young website allowing importing audio and videos from 46 platforms, including AkıllıTV/Bandcamp/Bilibili/Bitchute/Blogger/BluTV/Buzzfeed/Chingari/Dailymotion/Douyin/ESPN/Facebook/Febspot/Flickr/Gaana/Ifunny/IMDB/Imgur/Instagram/Izlesene/Kwai/Likee/LinkedIn/Mashable/Mixcloud/MxTakatak/ Chat/Snapchat/Soundcloud/Streamable/TED/Telegram/Tiktok/Tumblr/Twitch/Twitter/Vimeo/VK/YouTube/9GAG.

The features of Yt5s video Installer:

The website did not specify customer service contact number, email, physical address, FAQs, or terms of service. Its customer service contact links redirect users to Google Forms for any enquiry.

Its IP has Low-Domain Validated Certificates(DV-SSL) for next 77-days issued by Google Trust Services LLC. It relays its services using server serial numbers 0203bc50a32753f0918022edf1 and 77bd0d6cdb36f91aea210fc4f058d30d targeting and located in USA and Japan respectively. CloudFlare Inc., USA, is its ISP.

Traffic analysis and performance of Yt5s TikTok Video Download: had 60.6K+ visitors in 2023. Average visit duration on is 00:06:01 minutes, with bounce rate of 17.36%. It has an average 18.2K visitor count monthly from India(59%), Pakistan(12%), United Arab Emirates(5%), Germany(4%), and United States(4%), yielding $413 traffic value. has three backlinks, including two (67%) Do-Followup links. It has load time of 1.92 seconds, with 93% A-performance grade, and page size starting from 245.4 KB, which is considered fast. included terms of use and privacy policies, but they were plagiarized from hundreds of websites. 

Pros of Yt5s TikTok Video Download:

  • decrypts flash files and native media player files embedded in URLs, which helps extract audio and videos for importing. 
  • The video ranges between 144 pixels and 720 pixels, and audio ranges between 48 KBPS to 128 KBPS.
  • is free-to-user tool for importing audio and videos. 


  • did not mention its mission statement. 
  • It did not specify if it has licensing rights to allow importing of mp3/mp4/m4a/webm/3gp files from different platforms, which have Digital Rights Management (DRM) and copyrights. 
  • A user can paste URL of an audio or video to import it from, irrespective of DRMs.

The legitimacy of Yts5 TikTok Video Download:

  • was registered 7-months and 7-days ago, on 17th/February/2023, in Capital Region of Iceland, which is high-risk country.
  • got updated 6-months and 7-days ago on 17/March/2023, suggesting business continuity.
  • The website has short life expectancy as its registration will expire within next 4-months and 25-days.
  • is not blacklisted and uses valid HTTPS protocol. 
  • It has poor 1/100 Domain Authority (DA). 
  • The website achieved an average 517,304 Alexa ranking. 
  • The identity and contact details of’s owner, technical contact, and administrator are censored using paid privacy services of Withheld for Privacy ehf.

Customer reviews of Yts5 TikTok Video Download:

No individual customer reviews were present online. does not support user reviews. Click here to learn about PayPal scams, as five website reviews were neutral.

Social media links:

  • does not support blogging.
  • is not present on social media.
  • Social media links present on are meant to share pages.
  • Copyright Wikipedia:
  • DRM Wikipedia:

Conclusion: gained considerable 29%↑ suspicion, 30%↑ threat, 25%↑ malware, 30%↑ phishing, and 10%↑ spam scores, suggesting that it is highly-risky website. gained an average of 82%↑ trust and 47.8%↓ business scores. Click here to learn about Credit Card fraud, as Yts5 TikTok Video Download is possibly illegitimate allowing import of DRM and copyrighted material. is registrar of, which is popular among scammers.

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