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Yourgeminiclaims Scam: What Is Your Gemini Claims Net & What Is The Relationship?

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Is the Yourgeminiclaims network fooling innocent citizens? Several online users from the United States and other areas identified a recent crypto scam. The Yourgeminiclaims portal has recently emerged as a deceitful web portal that benefitted greatly by fooling innocent people.

But, some consumers were confused about the message sent by the scam portal. People who enquired about its authenticity must check this article and understand that it is a Yourgeminiclaims Scam.

Yourgeminiclaims Scam:

Yourgeminiclaims is a scam activity conducted by scammers who try to trick the public through messages and branding. It traps people by urging them to provide specific details and obtain bonuses and rewards. 

However, we could spot the fraud and provide facts about Yourgeminiclaims to help them avoid phishing activities.

What Is Your Gemini Claims?

Yourgemeniclaims is a website linked with Gemini, the legitimate cryptocurrency or virtual currency-based online platform. It has recently falsely claimed to offer incentives, rewards, and bonuses to users.

Do you want to know What Is Your Gemini Claims Net? It is in no way associated with the Gemini website; rather, it is a deceitful activity of people trapping others to steal finances. The fake website has used the Gemini company’s message, name, and logo without its consent.

What promises were made by Your Gemini

Yougeminiclaims’ website falsely promises users earn enticing deals, such as cryptocurrency deposits, rewards, bonuses, and interest payments. It also claimed to get such rewards if users create an account and deposit cryptocurrency.

However, this scam operation is to trick people into getting their specific details, steal them, and use them to get involved in scam activities or get money. 

What Is Your Gemini Claims Net?

It is a falsely promising or claiming activity that does not reward people they promised or assured. The theft purposes are involved in this activity to get address details, e-mails, names, or other crucial data of people and hack them.

Scammers have set up this fake web portal by using the official Gemini site’s branding details, such as logo, fonts, etc. So, users asking about What Is Your Gemini Claims must learn that it is a trapping activity.

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Is Yourgeminiclaims useful?

Yourgeminiclaims is not a useful portal since it is a cloned site used to conduct false operations. Its fraudulent behavior is reflected in the details mentioned below:

  • Website name-
  • Online rank- 58.7/ 100
  • Registration date- Wednesday, October 11, 2023
  • Website age- 0 years, one day
  • Trust score- 18/ 100

Therefore, trusting in Your Gemini may not prove beneficial or useful.

What do scammers do through Yougeminiclaims’ website?

Scammer urges people to deposit virtual or cryptocurrency and steals it, along with the private data that users enter on the site. Once the crypto deposits are made, they do not appear any longer or remain in the users’ wallet.

Besides, the accounts created proved Yourgeminiclaims Scam as they were promptly deleted, and no bonuses or rewards were offered to the users. The fake website owners do not revert or give information about the deposit cryptocurrency.

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Random Text from Gemini – Likely Fraud
byu/International_Age936 inGemini


The recently emerged site, Yourgeminiclaims, proved to be a scam. This fake website stole the original website of Gemini’s logo and other official details to conduct its fraudulent operation. Therefore, you must stay away from regarding schemes or enticing bonuses offered by Yourgeminiclaims Scam  scheme without knowing the website’s authenticity.

Learn a few Tips on how protect from online scam.

Did you deposit cryptocurrency on Yougeminiclaims’ site? Share if you fell into the fraud operation’s trap.

Disclaimer: We do not promote virtual activities or scams; instead, we alert and warn people by avoiding such operations.

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