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Your Token Is Invalid Pvu {Nov 2021} How To Buy? Price

This article notices you with the reason and resolution for the error: Your Token Is Invalid Pvu.

Plant VS Undead Token (PVU) is the NFT token used in the marketplace for buying seeds and plants. It had created a craze with lots of attention from the investors from Venezuela, Argentina, the Philippines, Spain, and Brazil.

Why is the maniac paying attention to this token? Do you know about it? If not, read to understand it better in this write-up. 

If yes, then you must have gone through the error of Your Token Is Invalid Pvu

Kindly continue reading to know the reason behind it.

What is PVU?

PVU is the upcoming addition to the consistently growing NFT games platform. It is the defense game in which the plants were used as an asset. They aim to merge Plants VS Zombies with the novel blockchain technology. Any new player who wants to participate in this game needs to enhance their assets which represent plants to use ‘free to play’ gardeners. However, this token has frequent updates that are necessary to keep track. It will be the alert for the upcoming consequences.

The recent error Your Token Is Invalid Pvu is one such consequence.


All the team members have four years of experience in the gaming sector.

The CEO of PVU token is Mr. Tran Dinh Quy. He is the founder, CEO, and Game designer of this NFT. He pursued nine years of experience designing a mobile game, game mechanic, broad game, rulebook, and many more with novel updated ideas.

The other members of Plants VS Undead (PVU) are as follows:

  • Art director- Toss Vu.
  • CTO- Pham Van Duy.
  • Web developer- Vinh Pham 

Price Chart to understand the reason for error: Your Token Is Invalid Pvu 

  • Current PVU Price: ₱ 21.33
  • Market Cap: ₱ 789,034,620
  • Market Cap dominance: 0.00 %
  • Fully Diluted Valuation: ₱ 6,407,784,131
  • 24 hr Trading volume: ₱ 54,275,025
  • 24 hr price range: 2.2 % upwards
  • Circulating Supply: 37 Million PVU coins
  • Maximum Supply: 300 Million PVU coins
  • Total Supply: 300 Million PVU coins
  • Trading Volume: ₱ 54,396,124
  • Market Cap Rank: # 1130
  • 24 hour Low / 24 hour High: ₱ 20.53 / ₱ 22.00
  • All-time High: ₱ 1,216.10
  • All-time Low: ₱ 18.56
  • Volume/ Market Cap: 0.069

Track down the reason for the error: Your Token Is Invalid Pvu in the below section: 

Reason and Resolution.

PVU- NFT game had announced in a recent post that their site would be under maintenance for its upgrading activity. The user can expect upgrades that will represent Farm 2.6 mode. Previously, the firm announced that there would be changes in the step named ‘Road to Farm 3.0.’ So, players can expect updates that may include many adjustments, modifications, and changes. This error may be solved in a couple of days.

How to purchase PVU?

Read below for detailed info on the purchase of this token after resolving the error: Your Token Is Invalid Pvu.

  • Purchase USDT with the support of Binance. Convert your GCash into BNB.
  • Withdraw your BNB to MetaMask Account. 
  • Connect your MetaMask with Pancakeswap.finance. Here, Convert BNB into PVU Tokens.
  • Finally, connect your MetaMask to the PVU site.


Q1). What is the contract address?

A1). 0x31471e0791fcdbe82fbf4c44943255e923f1b794

Q2). What is the future prediction for Plant VS Undead Token?

A2). The Current price for PVU token is ₱ 21.33, and the all-time high to date was ₱ 1,216.10. We can predict that this token will support with an abandoned turnover to their investors nearly.


Your Token Is Invalid Pvu error has been noticed globally. As soon as the token is available in the marketplace, we suggest you investigate well to invest here. Comment your issues and concerns in the comment section below. 

Moreover, due to the frequent updates in PVU, you can always notice the announcement in its Twitter account.

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