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Your Bill Is Paid For March Text Message {April} Read!

Did you receive the Your Bill Is Paid For March Text Message? Do you know how to block it?

Did you recently start receiving texts from your number? Does the text say something like “your bill is paid for March”? 

Recently, many mobile phone users from the United States complained online that they have started receiving these messages daily from their number.

Nowadays, scammers have started looking for more ways to pull people into their traps. And apparently, now they have started using texts for the same.

So, what should you do about this Your Bill Is Paid For March Text Message? Let’s find out!

What is this text message about?

As per users who complained about receiving this message, the text says, “free message: your bill is paid for March,” The message is followed by a thank you gift that you will receive if you click on the added link.

If you click on the link, you might be prompted to enter your personal information with the bait to receive a special gift.

Earlier, people used to get scam phone calls that would give you misleading or fake information to reveal your personal information. And now the new trending way is to send text messages.

Your Bill Is Paid For March Text How To Block?

People have been receiving this message for quite some time. In the beginning, users reported that they received the message from their number, but now, users have reported that it is sent to a group of people with several unknown numbers.

You can block a specific number from texting you by going to the Message app settings on your phone. You can also enable the “filter unknown senders” or “block unknown senders” option to stop spam messages from flooding your inbox and blocking them.

Is this a scam: Your Bill Is Paid For March Text Message?

The Your Bill is paid for March seems to be another scam message type used by the hackers.

Since the message includes an external link and is sent from your number, it is highly likely to be a scam.

We suggest you not click on any such links or messages and follow their prompts. Also, never share any personal information with anyone unless for official purposes.

Many people have claimed this message to be spam; therefore, please be cautious.

People’s reactions:

Your Bill Is Paid For March Text Reddit conversations have shown that people receiving these messages have become frustrated and irritated.

Users have claimed that they have been receiving this message since last month, and they couldn’t block the sender since the message was sent from their number.

People have been enquiring and complaining about this to their mobile services like Verizon. Some people have suggested reporting the text by forwarding it to the corresponding number of your mobile service.

And if you have any queries, reach out in the comment box!

Final Words:

One should remember to share their numbers with trustable people only and avoid registering your mobile number at various outlets for discounts or offers.

Your Bill Is Paid For March Text Message has frustrated the users. People have been inquiring a lot about it.

You can check this Reddit conversation

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