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This research on Yosrizal Wali Nagari Guguak VIII Koto will help you to know about the viral Foto and updates on Walnag Yosrizal. Kindly read it here. 

What happened in Nagarli Wali Guguak district? Why did the mayor resign from the post? Many disturbances started after the updates on Yosrizal Wali Nagari Guguak VIII Koto went viral. These updates have flabbergasted everyone as no one was expecting this from the Mayor of Guguak District. The updates have started trending in Indonesia. We will give all the latest updates on the same here. Please read the facts. 

About Yosrizal Wali Nagari Guguak VIII Koto

As per online sources, some pictures of the Mayor of Guguak District went viral. Walnag Yosrizal is the mayor of the public department of Nagari Wali Guguak Koto VIII. After the pictures went viral, everyone started objecting to the pictures. The questions were not raised on the picture with a woman but the objection was the woman was not his wife as per sources. The public demonstrated in front of his office. After this Yosrizal decided to resign from his post and focus on his matter and will try to solve it. Thus, this update started trending on every social media platform and people are seeking more details on it.

Foto Wali Nagari Guguak VIII Koto

The online reports revealed that the photos of the Mayor of Guguak VIII Koto went viral after which people started demonstrating in front of his office. People started demanding the resignation of the Mayor. As a result of the people’s anger, the mayor decided to resign and focus all his attention on solving the problems. Moreover, the head of the department, who is the chairman of Koto Bamus Nagri signed the resignation letter. The mayor has been removed from his office. Moreover, no official statement has been given by the mayor on the personal matter till now. The demonstration led by the public compelled authorities to take action on Foto Wali Nagari Guguak VIII Koto. If you are trying to seek the photos of the mayor with another woman then you should try to search for it on some other sites.

Foto Wali Nagari Guguak VIII Koto

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Pictures on Social Media!

We could not see if the pictures were present on the social media platforms. Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, etc have been used widely even by people of young age groups. But, it is hard to find the picture because the picture might have been removed from all the platforms due to privacy concerns of the mayor. It is the personal matter of the mayor, so we must let him solve the matter. Yosrizal Wali Nagari Guguak VIII Koto updates are still under consideration. People are checking for the statements given by Yosrizal. 

We must wait until Yosrizal makes any statement on this matter. We should not spread any rumors based on this matter.


Summing up this research, we learned the facts about the viral picture of Yosrizal with a woman. The Mayor of Guguak VIII, Walnag Yosrizal has resigned from the post. We will keep you updated when more updates are revealed.

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DISCLAIMER: We do not aim to focus on the personal life of the mayor neither we intend to spread any rumor. This read has been done for the informative purpose of the readers only.

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