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Ygg Coin Price {Sep 2021} Tokenomics, How to Buy? Chart

This article helps you know more about Ygg Coin Price, founder details, and other details.

Are you New to cryptocurrency? Do you feel like investing in cryptocurrency to get higher returns? Do you feel that Gaming cryptocurrencies are better than ordinary cryptocurrencies? Do you have an interest in Earning by playing? If yes, then this cryptocurrency will surely be of your concern as people from Pakistan, Australia, and India invest in these cryptocurrencies. 

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What is the Ygg coin? 

Yield guild games are the full form of this token. It is a decentralized ottoman organization in which non-fungible tokens are used generally consist of NFTS Virtual world Blockchain games. This organization aims to create the world’s number one online economic cryptocurrency world by the community’s owned assets and sharing maximum profits to the token holders of this cryptocurrency. Stay connected and read today’s article completely to further know about the price and other details about this token.

Ygg Coin Price and Tokenomics?

  • Price of the token:-$5.61. 
  • Market cap:-$492714490. 
  • Trading volume:-$96286767. 
  • 24h low / 24h high: – $5.28/$5.91. 
  • 7days low/7 days high: – $4.78/$8.22. 
  • Market rang: – #145. 
  • All-time high: – $10.62. 
  • All-time low: – $0.964722. 
  • Fully diluted market cap: – $5,674,480,637.76. 
  • Yesterday volume: –$139,711,118.46. 
  • Circulating supply: – 67911948. 
  • Total supply: – 1000,000,000.  
  • Max apply: – 1000,000,000. 

Who is the founder of this token? 

The founder of this token is Gabby Dizon, Who is the cofounder of why did you token. The main motive of the Ygg token is to onboard millions of players across the globe into the revolution of earn to play. Ygg Coin Price Will bring a new revolution to the gaming society called cryptocurrencies.

What types of games are there to play in this token? 

This token corresponds with games like sub doubt he Axie infinity players, league of Kingdom players, the Zed Run players. Teenagers and Regular gamers officially play all these games. This token is also in tie-up with some other gaming agencies, and there are tons of games played here to earn profit. The difficulty level of all the games that are available on this token is very low. Ygg Coin Price is continuously rising due to this sort of game. 

How to get this token? 

It is very easy to get this token by the below-mentioned steps. 

  • At first, we need to log in to the official website of this token.  
  • Then we need to register ourselves by filling up all the necessary details about our bank. 
  • After that, select the interest of games that you want to play. 
  • Now select the desired game that you want to play to earn. 
  • The moment you have earned quite a good amount of currency by playing the game, click on withdraw
  • Fill in your wallet details, and then you will see that the Ygg Coin Price token has been credited to your account. 


Q1. What is the future price prediction of this token? 

A1. The future price prediction of this token is quite high as its price is rising very vigorously. 

Q2. When was this token officially formed? 

A2. This token will originally be formed on 10 September 2021. 


This cryptocurrency is new but showing rapid growth, due to which the number of followers for this cryptocurrency is increasing. If you are interested in investing in this cryptocurrency, you must do that at your own risk after a thorough check-up on Ygg Coin Price. You can also visit Crunchbase. 

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