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[Update] Yesha and Roche Chapter 1: What is Ayesha and Roche viral video about? Read Here!

The article on Yesha and Roche Chapter 1 is a trending topic on social networking sites. Please read the write-up carefully for all the updates.

Do you know Yesha? Who is Roche? Why are Yesha and Roach trending on the Internet? Do you want to know the details about Roach and Yesha? Are Yesha and Roach dating? If you want more details, read this article on Yesha and Roche Chapter 1. People from the Philippines and other countries are searching eagerly for the details.


Trending Video Details 

As per claims, a video circling the Internet contains explicit content between a girl and a boy. It seems like the girl and boy are named Yesha and Roche. They are very famous social media personalities in Malaysia. Yesha and Roche are primarily popular on TikTok. According to the sources, they have amassed millions of likes and followers on social media. They are believed to be a couple; thus, they were caught doing mature and explicit acts. 

Disclaimer: All the information regarding the topic is collected through the Internet, and we have tried to keep the information as authentic as possible. 

Roche and Ayesha Viral

The video was said to have been uploaded on Reddit originally, and then it got viral on other social media sites. The clip is almost five minutes long, and people claim they were doing very indecent acts. More details about the girl and boy individually are not available anywhere online. We have tried to search extensively, but we failed to find any additional information on the topic. 

As per trends, the video is mostly trending in Asian countries, for example, China, Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia etc. But the concern is that the video looks like it has been recorded and shared without the permission of the persons in the video Yesha and Roche Chapter 1.    

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Public Discussion

On social media, people discuss all types of things, and they discuss the topic of Roche and Yesha. Technology is a good thing, but not when content goes viral without consent. People with malicious intentions who use the Internet for their benefit are getting very common. For example, the viral video of Yesha and Roche Chapter 1 was non-consensual, and it was someone’s private moments that got viral. 

People are terrified by this, and they believe that the Internet is not a safe place for anyone. Most URLs on social media directed towards the scandal videos are fake and clickbait. These types of news and content are such that they cannot be believed blindly. Many times people spread fake news to get attention and likes. So, beware of such sites and accounts.


As per reports, a video that contains explicit and sensitive content is going viral on social media. Yesha and Roche Chapter 1 couple are social media influencers with a large following on TikTok and Instagram. The video clip was 5 minutes long and uploaded on Reddit. Unfortunately, more information about the topic is not available anywhere. The video is believed to be uploaded secretly and without consent. If you would like to read more about the topic, click here.

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Must Read Updates on Roche and Ayesha Viral: FAQs

Q1. Who are Yesha and Roche?

A1. As per claims, they are social media influencers. They are very famous on TikTok and Instagram.

Q2. Why are Roche and Yesha going viral?

A2. A video containing explicit content is spreading on social media, involving the couple.

Q3. Where are Yesha and Roche from?

A3. No personal details about them are available, and claims say the video is originally from Malaysia.

Q4. What is their social media account handle?

A4. Their social media handle information is not availableavailable

Q5. How long was the clip of Roche and Yesha?

A5. It was a five-minute long clip.

Q6. Is the video Yesha and Roche Chapter 1 available?

A6. No, the link to the original video of Yesh and Roche is nowhere to be found.

Q7. Is this new true or fake?

A7. As there is not much information is available about the news it can be a rumour. But we must wait for more update. 

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