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Yellow Tree Executive Search Scam: Explore Complete Information On Phoebe

Unmasking Phoebe‘s global job scam—Exposing the deceitful recruiter exploiting unsuspecting applicants worldwide in the Yellow Tree Executive Search Scam.

George and Pheobe. A couple of gems—This was the tagline of the screenshot of a WhatsApp scam message circulating Worldwide since 27th/December/2023. The message was identified as a scam by the receiver and responded to with funny slang. Let’s check more about Phoebe’s Yellow Tree Executive Search Scam.

About Yellow Tree Executive Search Scam:

A Reddit user @milehighcards exposed the Yellow Tree Executive recruitment scam by posting a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation with Phoebe on 27th/December/2023. The post also gained popularity as the recipient responded rudely and in an unprofessional manner.

About Yellow Tree Executive Search Scam

The WhatsApp message was received from the contact number +1(667)349-3051. The area code suggests the caller ID form area overlaying area codes 410 and 443 in Maryland. The WhatsApp profile summary showed the name of Phoebe as George Ruiz. The contact was marked as a WhatsApp business account but did not include a profile picture of Phoebe/George or the logo of Yellow Tree Executive Search.

About Yellow Tree Executive Search Phoebe:

Phoebe introduced herself as a recruiter from Yellow Tree Executive Search. She stated they had received the job applicant of the recipient and were trying to check if he was still searching for a job.

The recipient of the message understood that it was a phishing scam. The recipient responded rudely, insulted Phoebe by dragging a physical relationship with her mother, and lastly inquired whether the job offer was similar to establishing a physical connection like how the whales do it in March.

The customer is God for Yellow Tree Executive Search Phoebe:

Phoebe doesn’t seem to mind his assaultive response. So, Phoebe responded professionally about the job profile, stating they are offering part-time and full-time jobs for individuals above the age of 22 years. The WhatsApp message followed the job scope.

The customer is God for Yellow Tree Executive Search Phoebe

The recipient was in the mood to argue. At the same time, if Phoebe’s profile name (George Ruiz) is genuine, then the sender of the message is a male. It suggests a possibility of a Pig Butchering Romance Scam, where innocent job applicants are tricked into a web of false affection and trust. 

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Similar Yellow Tree Executive Search Scam:

Before extracting money from the applicant in the form of cryptocurrency, the pig-fattening, deceitful ploy is applied, leading victims to invest emotionally before the inevitable betrayal and financial loss orchestrated by the scammers.

On 20th/November/2023, Tether released a press note announcing the confiscation of $225 million worth of tokens to curb the human trafficking scam(Pig Butchering Romance Scam). It does not stop here. The phishing attempt depends on the type of crime the scammer is involved in. 

Analysis shows that since mid of 2023, several such WhatsApp scams have featured Worldwide, and 100% of such Yellow Tree Executive Search Scam had similar text messages, always a female recruiter contacting the applicant and offering full-time and part-time job opportunities only for young individuals =<22 years old! For example: 

  • Daisy from Sanford Rose Associates,
  • Katherine Elliot from Human Digital,
  • Caroline from Impellam Group,
  • Liliana from Johnston Vere,
  • Alma from Russell Reynolds, and more.

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George and Pheobe. A couple of gems
byu/milehighcards inscambait


User feedback on customer review websites and LinkedIn indicated that once applicants agrees to take job opportunities, they are requested to submit personal, academic, and bank details for background checks. Henceforth, such information is utilized by scammers to post unauthorized charges and sell applicant details on the dark web! Yellow Tree Executive Search is a reputed recruitment firm, but Phoebe’s offer/message is a scam.

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