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[Watch Video] Yaya Mahadi Viral Video Leaked On Twitter: Is It On Telegram

What is Yaya Mahadi Viral Video Leaked on Twitter? Is it also available on Telegram? Read the facts here.

Why is Yaya Mahadi Viral Video Leaked on Twitter trending? Who is Yaya Mahadi? Is Daddy Ash also his name? Why is Yaya trending on social media nowadays? People want to know about the details of the topic trending in Malaysia and other parts of the world. Let us now discuss the trending topic. 

Yaya Mahadi Viral Video Leaked on Twitter

Yaya is a famous singer, also known as Daddy Ash. It is his stage name, and all his social media accounts are from this name only. People are currently searching for his viral video. The video has made headlines on social media platforms because it contains a lot of inappropriate actions and content.

As per the reports, the video of Yaya Mahadi was displaying explicit content. Thus, it was deleted from the social media. Reports also quoted that Yaya Mahadi himself uploaded the video on his personal Instagram account. Later, the video was deleted, and everyone who signed up for the video was removed from the internet.

Yaya Mahadi Viral Video Leaked on Twitter

More Details On Yaya Mahadi Viral Telegram              

The video allegedly had Yay Mahadi, AKA Daddy Ash, and he was exposing his body to a lot of people. He was also sort of flashing his body parts in front of the public. Yaya posted the video, and it created chaos on the internet. Now, whether Yaya himself deleted the video or the video was deleted by the community is unknown. 

However, it received a lot of comments after being shared a lot of times. The video gained a lot of attraction from audiences all around the world. Netizens soon started to discuss all kinds of details about the video and the person in the video on Twitter. 

More Details On Yaya Mahadi Viral Telegram

Personal Details on Yaya Mahadi Viral Telegram

The artist is from South Africa, and his full name is Ikhwan Arif Yaya Mahadi. He is famous in his country, and his social media accounts are also not huge, but he is a known personality. He is a musician, singer, songwriter, and artist. He also works as a social media influencer. He is known for his singing talent and artistic work.

However, the viral video has shifted the glance on him. Now, people are discussing the type of content that should and should not be posted on social media. Yaya Mahadi has co-founded the New Era Records30, and its Instagram account is available.

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People’s Reaction to Yaya Mahadi Viral Video Leaked on Twitter

The video has been going viral under a lot of tags such as; ‘Daddy Ash Viral Video,’ ‘Daddy Ash Telegram Viral video,’ ‘Yaya Mahadi leaked video,’ etc. At first, people were confused about whether the Yaya Mahadi and Daddy Ash were the same person or not. But now the confusion is gone, and everyone knows that Yaya Mahadi is popularly known as Daddy Ash. 

There are a lot of channels on Telegram as well that claim to provide the video link. But no channel has provided the link that will lead to the original video of Yaya Mahadi Viral Telegram. Those channels were also not looking legit.

Fan’s Reaction On the Viral Video

Although, Yaya has not yet commented on the topic. However, his fans are convinced that the video that has gone viral is not the actual video. And it has been morphed in a wrong way to defame the singer. Also, the news of Yaya uploading the video on his profile has not been cross-verified. Neither are there any sources to cross-check the news. On the other hand, many believe that there was an original video, which has now been removed.


In today’s article on Yaya Mahadi Viral Video Leaked on Twitter has been explained. We provided details about the person in the limelight. He is a singer from South Africa, popularly known as Daddy Ash. He is a musician and also a social media personality. His inappropriate video was circulating on the internet, and people were talking about the video and Yaya. If you wish to know more about him, click here.

Do you follow Daddy Ash on social media? Please comment on your reaction to the viral Yaya Mahadi video. 

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