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Yardley Jones Obituary And Age: Check Full Biography Along With Details Of Parents, Net Worth 2023

In this article, we deliver Yardley Jones Obituary And Age and his Parents information, his Biography, Wiki details and his Net Worth 2023 and more.

Who is Yardley Jones? What happened to Yardley Jones? When has he died? Yardley John was a well-known editorial cartoonist, marathon runner, watercolourist, honorary mayor of New Sarepta, cross-country skier, and larger-than-his’s-life character of Canada. Johnes, a remarkable, talented man, touched many lives, and his death made a heavy heart. Read the Yardley Jones Obituary And Age article for detailed information about Yardley Johnes and more.

Yardley Jones Obituary And Age

John Yardley-Jones was born on 2 May 1930 and died on 6 December 2023. It is with dense hearts that I bid farewell to the respected John Yardley-Jones. He was a man who touched many lives through his extraordinary talents.

Yardley Jone’s unique talents impressed many people more than life’s personality. Yardley John was a well-known editorial cartoonist, marathon runner, watercolourist, honorary mayor of New Sarepta, and cross-country skier. His death left behind a heritage that will persistently be cherished.

Yardley Jones Obituary And Age

Yardley Jones’s Biography

JONES John Yardley is known as Yardley Jones. He was born in 1930 in Liverpool, England. Yardley grew up in Wales as a boy during WWII. In his 14 years, he became a boxer and boxed 150 skilled fights over nine years. During this period, he studied to be a freelance cartoonist and draftsman for various English publications. He sold his first cartoon painting to The Liverpool Echo at 14.  

In 1957, he immigrated to Alberta with his wife, Mary. He tried many freelancing cartoon jobs for various publications. After settling in Edmonton, he sold his cartoon while working as a house painter. Continue reading Yardley Jone’s Wiki details in the below section.

Yardley Jones's Biography

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Yardley Jone’s Career

Yardley Jone and his wife Mary settled in Alberta in 1957. He did freelancing cartoons for the Calgary Herald and the Edmonton Journal. Though he was working for The Roughneck, he feels he recognized his identification as an editorial cartoonist.

In 1962, Yardley was hired as a journalist. He was the first editorial cartoonist staff member and drove there for five years. Then, he shifted to the east and joined the Toronto Telegram. He continued for six years until it terminated operations in October 1971. He then joined the Montréal Star for eight years until 25 September 1979. Continue reading to know Parents details and more.

Yardley Jone's Career

Yardley Jone’s Achievement

 In 1971, Yardley Jones won a National Newspaper Award. In 1981, he returned to Alberta and sketched editorial cartoons for both the Journal and the Edmonton Sun. Also, in 1983, he worked with covers for the Alberta Report. He also trained in cartooning on Network, Alberta’s educational television channel. His program series was broadcast on Ontario TV. 

He had a big break in 1962 at the Edmonton Journal. He was hired as their first editorial cartoonist. After his retirement, he has become a well-known watercolourist. Yardley Jone’s Net Worth 2023 is not disclosed.  

In 1963, John F. Kennedy stated that our American soldiers should be able to walk 50 miles in less than 20 hours. Yardley sparked a media stunt walking the 50 miles from New Sarepta to Edmonton in 16.5 hours.

Yardley Jone's Achievement

What happened to Yardley Jones?

In 1993, Yardley Jones, the witty, was affected by a stroke. It is perhaps the result of his contribution over the years in tasking and physical proceedings at high altitudes. He lived with the stroke. Doctors say he might not have made it if he had not already been in excellent shape, but again, he can read, write, and learn how to talk. Yardley Jones Obituary And Age, After nine months of the stroke and treatment, he was even off-road skiing in a Canadian Birkebeiner. 

In loving memory of John Yardley, the mayor of New Sarepta and a well-known editorial cartoonist.


Yardley Jones, the editorial cartoonist, passed away on 6 December 2003 at 93. During this difficult time, he left behind a legacy as an artist, marathon runner, watercolourist, and cross-country skier, to our thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. Click the link to get detailed information.

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