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Yanika Bindra Instagram: Vivek Bindra Marriage, Wife Photo, Wikipedia Details!

In this post, we have highlighted the basics of the currently controversial issue on the internet about Public speaker Vivek Bindra and his wife Yanika Bindra Instagram.

Yanika Bindra Instagram

Do you know Vivek Bindra, a famous motivational speaker? Why is he a search topic on the web nowadays? Are you aware of the case details? If not, we will help you understand the whole scenario and provide you with otherwise crucial details and facts about the viral controversy. This controversy is mainly viral in India

Further, get to know more facts about the viral video Andrew learned about the life details of Yanika Bindra Instagram and Vivek Bindra. Learn more details in the post, along with the latest updates. 

Why is Yanika Bindra Instagram trending on social media? 

The fans and supporters were shocked to hear the news about the case filed against public speaker Vivek Bindra. This keyword, along with some keywords related to his wife, is trending on different social media platforms. As Vivek is a well-known personality, he went all the more viral on the internet. 

People are very actively enquiring about the case details and progression on the web. Its details are primarily available on public platforms, but people are still not able to find correct information about the whole ordeal. We will briefly discuss the viral case and learn further proceedings. 

Why is Yanika Bindra Instagram trending on social media

What happened with Yanika Bindra? 

Reportedly, Vivek Bindra marriage, which took place on 6 December 2023, has become a controversial occurrence. According to the sources, Merely eight days after the marriage, Yanika’s brother Vaibhav Kwatra filed an FIR against his brother-in-law. 

Elaborated view of the controversial spectacle :

As per the reports, at the couple’s residence in Noida Sector 94, Supernova West Residency on 7 December. It is said that Yanika was trying to mediate the fight between Vivek and his mother. It started as a small argument between the family, which later took a wrong turn when Vive physically assaulted his wife. The whole incident was recorded on camera, and Vivek Bindra Wife Photo went viral on several platforms. 

It is not the first instance, as reported by Bindra’s wife, he took her to the room and pulled her hair as well as verbally abused her. The complaint is filed at Noida Sector 126 on 14 December. 

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What are the aftereffects of the controversial video? 

As the video came forward, it left people shocked and overwhelmed. It is reported that Yanika’s body is left with severe wounds, and her hearing is affected. He broke her phone in the process. All these details are included in the complaint submitted by Yanika Bindra’s side. 

Vivek Bindra Wikipedia:

Vivek Bindra Wikipedia

  • Name: Vivek Bindra
  • Age: 41
  • Occupation: Motivational speaker 
  • Date of birth: 5 April 1982
  • Wife: Yanika Bindra 
  • Nationality: Indian 
  • Birth Place: Delhi, India 

Is Vivek Bindra a habitual offender? 

After the FIR allegations against Vivek came to light, one of the past reports by another Influencer and speaker came forward where he accused Vivek Bindra of being a Scammer. Vivek Bindra, the CEO of BBPL, Bada Business Private Limited, a supposed high-end motivational speaker, has been a part of several controversies before. But none got Proved with Sufficient evidence. However, the present Vivek Bindra marriage controversy has put him in a questionable situation. 

Despite several allegations against him, Vivek has maintained silence over the matter and refrained from making any comments publicly that would put him on the spot. 

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Final Words 

The charges pressed against are just claims, and nothing has been proven yet. The investigation is currently being conducted by the Noida police further into the matter. 

Were you shocked by the revelation of Vivek Bindra Wife Photo? Please let us know your views in the comments. 

Disclaimer: This post is purely for informative purposes for readers. We do not support any kind of Domestic abuse or virulence in any way. 

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