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Yaki Gold Token (Aug) Price, Prediction & How To Buy?

The news below provides you with a few facts about Yaki Gold Token and if the token is worth opting for as a long-term crypto investment and crypto scams.

Yaki Gold or YAG token has recently been discovered over crypto portals. The token has very little information over the online crypto platforms. 

However, people in the Philippines and other world areas explore Yaki Gold to know if it is worth spending money on. 

But, you must check Yaki Gold’s complete information before investing as some crypto token platforms are temporary and fake, which may be the case with Yaki Gold Token

This article will provide you with complete details of the Yaki Gold or YAG token.

What is the token?

Yaki Gold or YAG token is a blockchain-based crypto coin and has a current price of about $ 0.0279165 with 500 000 000 YAG total supply.

YAG or Yaki Gold crypto token has about 18 decimals, 40 949 transfers, 7 351 addresses of holders. You may continue reading to look at the price chart of Yaki Gold or YAG token.

However, a few crypto portals platforms end up suddenly, leaving investors astounded as they invest money in them. 

Hence, we request you to evaluate Yaki Gold or YAG token before trading.

Price chart of Yaki Gold Token:

  • Price- $ 0.0279165
  • 24 Hours low- 
  • 24 Hours High-
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap- 
  • Transfers- 40 949
  • Decimals- 18
  • Holders- 7 315 addresses
  • Market Cap- $ 13 433 513
  • Total Supply- 500 000 000 YAG
  • BNB/ YAG Holdings- 2 608.26 BNB i.e., $ 1 267 336
  • Market Rank- Not Available
  • Contract Address- 0x2722c9db0fc6818dc9dd3a01254afc3804438b64

Who is the founder of the Yaki Gold crypto token?

There are no details about the creator and founder of Yaki Gold or YAG token.

Holders of Yaki Gold crypto token:

Here we have listed a few holders of Yaki Gold Token or YAG and the quantity.

  • CryptoZoon: Deployer- 300 000 000
  • Pancake Swap V2: YAG 3- 46 210 565.546398325786880388

Besides, the recently done transfers for Yaki Gold or YAG token are about 41,122 while writing this post.

However, traders must explore Yaki Gold or YAG crypto tokens before trading or choosing YAG for their long-term investment option.

Is the Yaki Gold crypto token a good investment?

As there are meager details about Yaki Gold or YAG crypto-token, predicting its profitability and investment scope is challenging.

Hence, we suggest traders to wait until the Yaki Gold Token team provides more information about their new token.

How to buy a Yaki Gold crypto token?

As with other cryptocurrencies, the buying process of Yaki Gold or YAG crypto tokens would be similar. However, you must know Yaki Gold coin’s profitability before buying it as the team has not updated much authentic information yet.

What are the FAQs?

  • Q-What is the total supply of Yaki Gold or YAG crypto tokens?
  • The total supply of Yaki Gold or YAG crypto token 500 000 000 YAG.
  • Q- How many holders are there for Yaki Gold Token or YAG crypto tokens?
  • Yaki Gold or YAG crypto token has approximately 7315 addresses. Besides, check here to know the factual information about Yaki Gold or YAG crypto token . 


Yaki Gold or YAG is a recently developed crypto token introduced in the crypto market. The current price of Yaki Gold or YAG crypto token is about $0.0279165. 

However, the profitability of the YAG crypto token is unknown, making to suggest you checking its information before trading. 

Besides, traders must know the details about Common Cryptocurrency Scams And How To Avoid Them. Also, please leave your comments about our post on Yaki Gold Token in the end.

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