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Yag Token (August 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address

Do you want to know about the Yag Token? This post will give you all the relevant information and help you move you in the right direction

Do you want to put your step in the digital exchange market? Have you ever learned about the experience of the crypto coin market? Here we are drafting the article to illustrate the exact information about the same.

As we know, most people worldwide, including the Philippines, are interested in investing money in a coin market podium. So here we are telling you about a Yag Token, and will describe the holders and today’s price.

So please stay tuned till the end to read all the essential information about Yaki Gold.

About Yaki Gold

Yaki Gold is the type of gaming in cryptocurrencies podium by which you can invest your money digitally. The Philippines peoples are very much curious to know about this new podium.  

It is new in the coin market. The website of the same is not available right now, so we cannot share much information about Yag Token.

What is Yag? 

Yag is the ticker symbol of the Yaki Gold. For more details, we can wait till we will see the official platform. We will share more points soon as we will connect with the official page.

Who is the Founder of Yaki Gold?

As we explore everywhere on the internet, we could not find the name of the CEO/Founder as Founder information is not available presently. We will share the same soon till you, please wait and read other details.

Today’s Price of Yag Token

The current price of the Yaki Gold Token is $0.0284496. It is just new in the market, so it is hard to say about its future prices as there is no point extant about the prediction of Yaki Gold Coin. Let us read further about the other statistics of this token in the upcoming section.

Statistics About Yaki Gold

  • Contract Address: 0x2722c9db0fc6818dc9dd3a01254afc3804438b64
  • Market Rank: Not visible.
  • Holders: 7,318 addresses.
  • Transfers: 41,032
  • Total supply: 500,000,000 YAG
  • Social Profiles: Not available.
  • Max Supply: Not visible.
  • Circulating Supply: Not available
  • Today’s prices of Yag Token: $0.0284496.
  • Market Cap: $13,149,646.

Due to no availability of the official page, we have collected all the data from the internet about Yag Coin.

Where to Buy and How to Buy the Yag Coin?

It is a significant point by which we can collect coins or invest in digital currencies. But due to the new platform in the crypto market, we cannot write how to reach the main point. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Yag Token

Q.1. What is today’s price of Yag coin?

Ans1. The current price is $0.0284496.

Q.2. What is the official page URL?

Ans2. Presently, there is no availability of the website URL.

Q.3.  Is there any list available on the Coinmarketcap?

Ans3. There is no list available on the Coinmarketcap, but you can collect more information about the coin here

Moreover, you can go through at your own risk as we are not financial advisers. We are just writing this post to provide you the information. 


We are concluding this post as we have mentioned all related information about Yag Token. The website of Yaki Gold is not known, so that we can get much information about it. You can get more detail and the way of crypto investment and learn how to protect yourself from crypto fraud here

What do you think about Yaki Gold Token? Do you have any predictions about this coin? Let us know what your opinion about this digital currency is. Please write in the below box.

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