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In this article, we will discuss the current situation, the mysterious death of the suspect, and the update on Xzavier Franklin Autopsy

Did you hear about the death of a suspect in police custody? What caused the death of the suspect? What does the Xzavier Autopsy report say? The mysterious death of the suspect brought public attention to the authorities’ actions. It is the second death in police custody in Dallas, Texas, where the suspect died for unknown reasons. 

The government of the United States appointed an investigation team who will look forward to the cause of death. Therefore people of Dallas were left speechless and wanted to know about the Xzavier Franklin Autopsy


What does the Autopsy report state? 

Police transferred Xzavier Franklin to the local hospital when they found out he was constantly feeling sick and vomiting in custody. He died within a few hours when he reached the hospital for unknown reasons. The cause of death is unknown, and police didn’t say anything about how he died. Additionally, there is no report from the doctors as well regarding the death of the suspect.

The unexpected death for unknown reasons triggered the public’s brain, and everyone wanted to know the cause of his death. As a result, people look forward to checking out the report that clearly mentions the cause of his death. 

Xzavier Franklin Dallas TX

The police caught Xzavier Franklin in the regular traffic inspection in which he was driving, and police pulled him over. Dallas PD searched his vehicle and took him into custody as they discovered he was a prime suspect in one of the ongoing investigations. He was brought to the investigation room, where he was continuously telling the PD officers that he was ill. 

The video of the investigation room went viral on social media, where people saw that he was in a terrible situation. The police investigation team came into the room and asked a few questions, but he constantly felt sick. 

Police Statement on the Xzavier Franklin Autopsy

Police told the media they released body cam footage showing he was in the worst stage when they captured him. During the investigations, he also didn’t utter a word and constantly asked to get him a medic. Soon his situation worsened, and they had no option but to move him to the hospital. 

Police also mention that they were in the hospital during his check and are unaware of the cause of his death. Police are sharing condolences and trying to contact his family to inform them about his death. Police couldn’t say anything about the unexpected death and investigated until the Xzavier Franklin Autopsy report cleared the situation.

What is the previous case of death in Dallas police custody

Earlier this year, in January 2023, a suspect named Manuel Najera was also caught in police custody as a prime suspect for an investigation. He was a 43-year-old man alleged to be held by the police for the murder case investigation. Suddenly due to an unknown reason, he passed away in police custody. 

After the medical report and the investigation, the police cleared that the cause of the death was cardiac arrest. However, the investigation took place on the death of the suspect. Recently another suspect’s death brought the government’s attention to the Dallas PD. 

Public Reaction to the Death Mystery? 

People are holding for the Xzavier Franklin Autopsy report so that they can judge who is responsible. However, when the video of his investigation came out to the public through social media and news channels, people went into shock and dilemma. 

However, people on social media make different assumptions and blame the police department officers for the suspect’s death. Some people say that police have no clue about the victim and hold him as a suspect without any proof. Additionally, people are asking the PD officers to show why they held him as a suspect. At last, everything will be clear when the police update the autopsy report, and we will share further updates on the situation.

Xzavier Franklin Autopsy Wiki

Full Name

Xzavier Franklin 
Cause of Death Unknown 
Date of Death 21 June 2023
Age 39 years old
Height  Approximately 5’11”


Social Media Link


Final Verdict 

A suspect died in police custody due to unknown reasons. The Authorities and the hospital staff didn’t give any information about the cause of his death. People are waiting for the autopsy report to clear the situation. However, the US government is assigning a team to investigate the cause of the death in Dallas PD

What could be the possible cause of death? Comment below.

Xzavier Franklin Autopsy: FAQs 

Q1 When did the autopsy of Xzavier Franklin take place? 

The autopsy of Xzavier Franklin took place on 23 June 2023, but the report is still unavailable.

Q2 What investigation did the police take him into custody? 

The Dallas police department did it enclose the investigation as all of this information is vital and firm. 

Q3 Did the police find any proof about the suspect? 

There is no evidence provided by the police regarding Xzavier Franklin. 

Q4 Who gave out the body cam footage in the media? 

The authorities themselves share the video with the public and the new channels so that they can get about the situation and the death of a suspect. 

Q5 Is the Xzavier Franklin Dallas TX, investigation video available on social media? 

Yes, the video of his investigation released by the police is available on social media and multiple news channels.

Q6 Are the police involved in the death of Xzavier Franklin?

There is no clarity on the statement, but an investigation team is appointed to search for the unexpected death in the PD.

Q7 Were police officers ruthless to the suspect in the video? 

The police officer seemed polite and generous to the suspect when he constantly vomited in custody. 

Q8 Is there any hospital check-up video of Franklin? 

No, no such video is issued by the authority or hospital staff. 

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