Xec Coin 2021.

Xec Coin (Aug 2021) Token Price, Chart & How To Buy?

Xec Coin (Aug 2021) Token Price, Chart & How To Buy? >> Want to know details about the prominent Cryptocurrency? Go through the article.

Elon Musk, Tesla company owner, says – “Cryptocurrency is a future paperless money.” Over the few years, its fever is booming too sky-high. Crypto are a great passive income source.

Today in this post, we brought complete details about one of the prominent cryptos in the finance world, mainly in Indonesia and Turkey. Knowing Xec Coin correct information and trading it efficiently may bring you a good return.

Note: When we searched for Xec token, we obtained two Crypto – Ecash and Eternal with the same ticker symbol. However, we covered every bit of detail about the Ecash with the ticker symbol Xec.

What is eCash Crypto?

eCash is paperless money that’s created to be utilized as digital cash. Just like emails have made our conversation easy online similarly, eCash tokens made us send funds online directly to other people.

Without a bank account, you can send or receive payments using eCash. In addition, the Xec token is available worldwide and use to receive and send cross-border bills anywhere globally.

Xec Coin Founders

As per its website, the coin is safe, simple, and instant; the new currency is from the designer of Bitcoin cash. The BCH (Bitcoin Cash) blockchain was divided into two chains on November 15, 2020. One of those chains was called BCHA, which was eventually became eCash. The exact creator’s name is not given on its official site.

eCash Coin Price

The current eCash price is $0.00002919 and a trading volume of $772,591 for 24-hour. In the past 24 hours, XEC’s price is up by 10.0%.

eCash Coin Supply / Market Supply

  • Market Rank: No Data.
  • Holders: No Data.
  • Transfers: No Data.
  • Max supply: 21 Trillion.
  • Circulating Supply: 0 XEC coins.
  • Total Supply: Not Available.
  • Xec Coin Trading Volume: $719,349.
  • 24h High/24 h Low: $0.00002650 / $0.00012170.
  • 7day High / 7day Low: $0.00002965 / $0.00002965.
  • All-Time High: $0.00012170 -76.8% (Jul 02, 2021). 
  • All Time Low: $0.00002650 6.4% (Jul 02, 2021).

How to buy eCash?

Follow the simple step by step procedure below to know purchasing process of Ecash;

  • To successfully purchase Ecash (Xec), one needs to buy any significant coin like BTC or ETH.
  • You can use any popular exchange platform to trade, but here we will mainly focus on Coinbase to buy Xec Coin as it is easy to use.
  • First, download the Coinbase, create an account, and finish the KYC process.
  • The next step is to buy BTC or ETH; for that, go to the buy page in Coinbase, choose from either of the coins and confirm the transaction.
  • Use your purchased BTC or ETH coin to buy Ecash; Xec. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the official website of ecash token?
  2. The official website of ecash token is https://e.cash/.
  3. On which platform can Ecash be traded?
  4. Ecash’s current and most active exchange is Gate.io. You can get more details here regarding Xec Coin

Closing Thoughts

Before we end the post, we would like to mention that; we are only Crypto supporters, and not financial advisors. So do not take this guide as an investment suggestion. Never the less we recommend if you are a beginner, then start with a small amount to be under low risk. Moreover, you can also here know the best apps to trade crypto.

Do you want to get more information on Xec Coin? Would you please write your queries in the comment box below? We would love to hear you.

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