Xcad Crypto Coin (May 2021) Coin Price, How To Buy

Xcad Crypto Coin (May 2021) Coin Price, How To Buy?

Xcad Crypto Coin (May 2021) Coin Price, How To Buy? >> If you are a content creator and you want to grow your scope of monetization, please scroll down and read the content.

Are you an influencer? Do you want to maximize your monetization potential? If yes, please do read until the end to learn about this new platform for extra earnings.

This Xcad network is a powerful road connecting fans to their influencers, and this Xcad Crypto Coin is a kind of digital currency used for monetizing.

 Irelandthe United Kingdom, Australiathe United Statesand Canada fans are eager to collect their favorite influencer’s moments. 

What is Xcad Coin?

Xcad network is a special network for content creators that offers them numerous content monetization options. This platform is led by a team of YouTubers that collectively hold a count of 50M followers, which is powered by Xcad tokens or coins. 

Moreover, the Xcad tokens will firstly get launched recently on Ethereum and will migrate to Zillica afterwards. This platform is a unique platform that will facilitate its users to bridge the gap between digital currency and the real world. 

About Xcad Crypto Coin Founders

The list of Xcad founders is as below:

  • Oliver Bell (CEO and Founder)
  • Joel Morris (CCO and Founder)

Xcad Coin Pricing

Xcad network and coins came to the digital platform recently. Here are the details about these coins’ pricing:

  • 1 Xcad coin = 2.21 US Dollars
  • 1 Xcad coin = 0.0000582 BTC
  • 1 Xcad coin = 0.000817 ETH and 1.7707 euro

Key Features of Xcad Coin

  • Xcad network allows its users to mint their coins to their viewers for rewarding them and further monetize.
  • The content creators can unlock their Xcad Crypto Coin as they hit a milestone.
  • This platform includes a kind of creator token that allows its holders to vote on their creator’s future content.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q – Where can the users trade these tokens?

A – Users can trade these tokens on the platform named DEX (Decentralized Exchange) to further interact with multiple DeFi tools.

Q – Is it an e-learning platform?

A – Yes, Xcademy e-learning platform gives access to numerous educational materials and tools.

Q – What is the official website of this coin?

A – If you are still curious about knowing the inner details, open the link of the official website and please educate yourself, https://xcademytoken.com/.

How does Xcad Network work?

Xcad Network allows its users, the content creators, to launch their Xcad tokens. The content creators can give these tokens to their fans as a reward whenever they engage with them.

Besides these Xcad Crypto Coin, there are fan token also. The users can win these fan tokens by watching more than 80% of their favorite creator’s videos.

Final Words

Xcad network is an amazing digital platform that influencers can use to monetize their fans and reward their followers. Even though these tokens are powered by blockchain, however, Xcad network keeps them in the background.

This platform is an early-stage project that came into existence recently. 

Have you ever received any Xcad Crypto Coin from your favorite influencer? Please tell us about your experience, if you had any. Moreover, if you want to know about the best trading apps for Cryptocurrecny, please learn about them here.

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