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Xana Enrique Cause of Death: What Happened To Her? What Luis Dictated On His Daughter Birthday? Find Wikipedia & Check Funeral Details!

Today’s article is associated with Xana Enrique Cause of Death and has facts about the demise of a girl who was remembered by her father uniquely.

What did the Spanish manager post recently? To whom is he giving tribute? Luis Enrique resigned from the national team of Spain’s manager in 2019 to look after his daughter, who was diagnosed with bone cancer.

Enrique released a video clip on social networking sites for people across Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, the United States, and other global areas before the game versus the Germans, where he made an emotional tribute in remembrance of his daughter. So, let us check the details of Xana Enrique Cause of Death.



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Know The Cause of Xana’s Death!

Xana passed away after losing a fight with bone cancer in August 2019. On the morning of Spain’s World Cup match against Germany, Luis Enrique, the manager, took to Instagram, although he did not discuss the game.

Enrique spoke briefly about Xana, his late daughter, on her birthday (she would have been thirteenth if she was alive) in his video greeting, which he gave while on a morning bike ride in Qatar.

What did Luis post on social media on Xana’s Birthday?

In a video clip recently shared by Luis, he mentioned that it was a special day for him since they were playing with Germans and his daughter’s 13th. He also mentioned his love for Xana wherever she was. He captioned the Instagram post that they missed her.

He has about 382,000 followers on Instagram. Luis later came back to the national squad in November to continue his duties as a manager, guiding Spanish to the European Championship semi-finals last year. 

Family details of Xana Enrique:

Xana, who died of bone cancer, left behind his parents and two siblings, Sira, another 22 years old Daughter of Luis and Pacho, Xana’s 23 years old brother.

Sira is a great equestrian competitor and is presently in a loving relationship with Ferran Torres, the Spanish footballer.

Obituary and Funeral of Xana:

The football community quickly paid tribute to Luis’ young daughter Xana (who was cremated in 2019), such as Barcelona and the Spanish FA. Also, Lionel Messi expressed his tribute, stating that all of the world’s strength is with him. 

Luis Enrique, former Spanish and Barcelona manager, has paid homage to Xana, his nine years old daughter, in 2019, who died of a kind of bone cancer, osteosarcoma.

Quick Wikipedia

  • Real Name- Xana Enrique
  • Father- Luis Enrique
  • Mother- Elena Cullel
  • Birth date- November 27
  • Date of death- August 2019
  • Age- Nine (at the time of death)
  • Death reason- Bone cancer

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Xana Enrique, who died of bone cancer in August 2019, was recently remembered by his father, Luis Enrique. He paid tribute to his late daughter by posting a video clip of her late young daughter.

You may watch details of Xana Enrique’s video clip posted by his father on social media.

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Xana Enrique Cause of Death: FAQS

Q1. Who was Xana Enrique?

Xana was Luis Enrique’s daughter.

Q2. When did Xana die?


Q3. Who are Xana’s siblings?

Xana’s siblings are Sira, her sister and Pacho, her brother.

Q4. What is Xana’s father’s profession?

Xana’s father, Luis Enrique, is the Spanish team’s manager.

Q5. How old was Xana at the time of death?

Xana was nine years old when she died.

Q6. Who is Xana’s mother?

Elena Cullel

Q7. What Happened To Xana?

Xana suffered from bone cancer.

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