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Wyatt Lewis Parents Murder: Were Wyatt Lewis Parents Killed in Houston? Know Facts!

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Did Wyatt Lewis’s parents commit murder?

Wyatt Lewis is a man who just graduated from Houston’s Cy-Fair High School. Netizens are discussing Wyatt Lewis Parents in Houston after Wyatt became known for his scholarship. Recently, he got the $20,000 Illustrious Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Scholarship and desired to complete his further education with the scholarship. Wyatt shared about his miserable childhood through a video.

He said that his life changed when he was just six years old. Police arrested Wyatt’s father (David) and mother (Michelle) for murdering his aunt (Debra Kelly). The court sentenced his parent’s life imprisonment without any parole. A video circulated on Twitter in which Wyatt Lewis spoke about his parents and his miserable life experience.            

Who is Wyatt Lewis?

The Wyatt Lewis Parents Murder news is quite trending online. Now people are curious to know about Wyatt Lewis and his details. Wyatt Lewis is a man who has a tragic past but desires to have one bright future. He graduated from the Cy-Fair High School of Houston. 

He also got a Scholarship of $20,000 From Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. In the future, he desires to complete his further studies with a scholarship. Now he plans to attain Texas A&M University to specialize in aerospace engineering.

A Reddit user shared a relevant post about the news on Wyatt Lewis’s Parents.

Who are Wyatt Lewis Parents Houston?

Wyatt Lewis’s Parents are David Lewis and Michelle Lewis. As the story narrated by Wyatt, he didn’t spend a joyful childhood. Wyatt’s parents faced conviction for murder charges in 2010 when he was just six years old. Wyatt stated in an interview that he never wants to see his parents and doesn’t look up to them. David and Michelle are now facing lifetime imprisonment punishment for the murder of Wyatt’s aunt Debra Kelly.

Know about Wyatt Lewis’s childhood!

The court placed Wyatt Lewis and his sister under foster care after the conviction for Wyatt Lewis Parents Murder. Wyatt had to separate from his sister at that moment. Unfortunately, Wyatt didn’t have a good life in his foster care. His foster parents used to neglect and mistreat him. 

He suffered from major emotional breakdowns and traumas in his foster care. He felt abandoned & isolated at every moment. Wyatt suffered through a lot at such a young.

Wyatt Lewis’s Grandparents!

At the age of twelve, Wyatt Lewis started living with his grandparents. With them, he overcame all the miseries of life. Wyatt Lewis’s grandparents are Linda Lewis and John Lewis. Wyatt Lewis Parents Murder news made people curious to know more about him. 

Wyatt’s grandparents always supported him morally and encouraged him in his education. They always supported Wyatt mentally and let him pursue his dreams. Wyatt excelled in subjects like maths and science. He also joined the National Honor Society and the robotics team.

Know Wyatt’s Educational Qualification!

According to the details on Wyatt Lewis, he is a good student with a 4.0 GPA in high school. He also achieved the eighteenth rank among a total of 894 students. He recently got the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo scholarship. 

The scholarship will help him pursue his dreams and goals. Wyatt Lewis Parents Murder case made him suffer through a terrible childhood. However, later his grandparents rescued him and helped him to pursue his dreams. He wants to become an aerospace engineer.

A Social media page named Khou11 shared an interview video of Wyatt Lewis. In the video, Wyatt discussed and shared about his traumatic childhood. Wyatt also shared about his achievements and more in the video.

Details on Wyatt Lewis’s age & his sister!

According to the information available, Wyatt was born in 2024, and his present age as of 2023 is 16 years old. After the tragic incident of Wyatt Lewis Parents Murder case, Wyatt and his younger had to separate. They had to stay apart under different foster parents, leaving Wyatt lonely.  Later, Wyatt’s grandparents adopted him to provide him a better life.

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Wyatt Lewis is a remarkable student who proved it through his recent achievements. Wyatt had to separate from his parents and sister at six years old. But Wyatt’s parents adopted him at twelve and encouraged him to pursue his education. Watch the video for more details on Wyatt Lewis.

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Wyatt Lewis Parents Murder-FAQs

Q1. Who are David and Michelle Lewis?

ADavid Lewis and Michelle Lewis are Wyatt Lewis’s parents.

Q2. Who is Wyatt Lewis?

Wyatt Lewis is a male from Texas who recently won a scholarship.

Q3. How old is Wyatt Lewis?

AWyatt Lewis is presently 16 years old.

Q4. Who are Wyatt Lewis’s grandparents?

His grandparents are Linda Lewis and John Lewis.

Q5. At what Age Wyatt’s grandparents adopted him?

His grandparents adopted him at twelve years old.

Q6. Why are Wyatt Lewis’s parents imprisoned?

Wyatt’s parents are facing imprisonment on the charges of murder.

Q7. Where is Wyatt’s sister now?

Current details on his sister is not available yet.

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