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Wsg to PHP (July 2021) How to Buy? Contract Address

Wsg to PHP (July 2021) How to Buy? Contract Address >> Here, we will read about a game token that is based on a hybrid blockchain.

Gaming tokens are getting popular every day, and the demand for gaming coins are increasing in the crypto market. People from all around the world, especially the Philippines’ people, are very interested in these kinds of gaming tokens.

So here we will talk about the wall street games token and its price in PHP, so in short, we will read about Wsg to PHP, here in this following article, so to have an explicit aspect of this tokens price, read this article till the end.

What Is a WSG token?

the wall streets game or WSG is a gaming platform based on a hybrid blockchain, where the players combat against each other in various easy contests to win cryptocurrency rewards.

The procedure to play this game is straightforward because to play. First, you need to collect your wallet to the website and then choose your token, which we will use as a wager and the amount we choose to play.

Details About Wsg to PHP:

Here we will discuss the price of wall street games in PHP in brief. Read to know more. As of now, the cost of one wall streets game token is around 0.00000253, and on the other hand, it also has a circulating supply of about 218 trillion coins and the exchange of a total volume of 178,775,957. And it is also estimated that in the next 30 days, its rate will increase by 148.1 per cent.

After reading about the rate of Wsg to PHP, we will cover the live price data of WSG coin further in this article.

WSG Current Price Data:

The current price of the wall streets game coin is around 5USD to 8USD, and the trading volume of this coin in the previous day was around 3,584,774 USD, and it was also increased by 3.77 USD in the last day, and right now, the current WSG coin market cap rank is estimated to be #968. 

And the current circulating supply of wall streets game coins is 134,571,336,590,472 coins. And the maximum supply of this token is around 1,000,000,000,000,000 coins.

After knowing the rate of Wsg to PHP and the price data of this coin, let us cover some additional information related to this coin.

Info About WSG coin:

Here we have listed some additional information related to the Wall streets game token.

  • Price of WSG coin- 0.00000004844USD
  • 24hr price change of WSG- 0.000000000859USD
  • Trading Volume Of WSG- 3,584,773.653USD
  • The market dominance of WSG-0.00%
  • Fully diluted market cap of WSG- 48,976,070.86USD.
  • The circulating supply of WSG- 134,571.34B WSG
  • 24hr volume os WSG- 3,592,966 USD
  • Rate of Wsg to PHP₱0.00000253.

Know here about the term trading volume:

How To Purchase WSG coin?

There are various crypto exchange platforms available from where we can buy this coin, we can buy this coin easily by buying ETH, bitcoin, BNB from any of the big exchanges, and then we need to transfer it to an exchange where we can trade the coin. Then after successfully finishing the process of KYC, we need to add the payment method and then move the amount and easily buy the currency.


Here we read about one of the gaming tokens that is the wall streets game, and we have also discussed all the details and information about this coin, which refers to the rate of Wsg to PHP in pesos.

Have you ever converted a gaming token? If yes, then do let us about the procedures involved in it.

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