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Writing Blog “Write For Us” – Read Complete Guidelines!

Writing Blog “Write For Us” articles have specific ways to create. Read this article, and you will be able to write articles for our website.

Is it true that you love to post your blog on a website? Have you ever posted a blog before? Do you know the specific rules to do guest blogging? While searching for the best portal that will offer you to post, do you find our portal your best choice?

Rationalinsurgent.com has started to provide opportunities for writers to post content on our website, but we suggest writers read this article as it will help them to know details about the Writing Blog “Write For Us“.

About Rationalinsurgent.com

Before you write for us, you need to know we have huge traffic bases. Where we provide multiple niche content to our viewers. Some of the most popular topics that we share are as follows:

  • In news articles, we try to discuss the most happening incident worldwide.
  • In website reviews, we target to provide accurate details of a website that will help our viewers to save money.

Write for Us Writing: Guidelines for writing a blog:

  • The writer will have the option to write the content of 500 to 1000 words.
  • While writing articles, they need to proofread and rectify silly mistakes before sending them to us.
  • The grammatical score of your articles needs to be 98 percent or more.
  • Writers must submit a hundred percent unique content. We do not accept plagiarism.
  • The spam score of your Write For Us Writing Blog Guest Post must be 1 to 3 percent.
  • To check plagiarism, we recommend writers use the Copyscape premium tool.
  • We will never accept any fillers in the content. Always provide content with simple wordings.
  • The title must be about 50 to 60 characters, and it must be attractive.
  • Proper subheadings and bullet points must be added while writing a blog for our website.

Benefits of Write For Us + Writing Blog:

  • To increase your online presence, guest posting will help you to generate leads.
  • Your keyword guest posting will be the best solution to improve your rank.
  • To improve your Domain and page authority, backlinks need to be provided, and it can be possible through guest posting.

Contact us:

If you have understood our guidelines and benefits of guest posting, share some articles in our official mail id braydenwilson763@gmail.com. After verifying your article, we will reply to you within 24 hours.

Final Verdict:

Write For Us + “Writing Blog” has some protocols that writers need to learn before they start guest posting. To know more about Writing blog posts for websites, you need to click here.

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