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This post on the Write for Us Token will help you in learning the correct ways of gathering information and writing the guest post.

Do you believe in investing in NEFTs or cryptocurrencies? Do you know some best choices among popular tokens? Anyone who knows about buying and selling tokens to gain more profits can give tips through Write for Us Token for Rationalinsurgent. The website gives you the opportunity to gather details on a particular topic and write all in-depth facts on it. But, you must learn our rules that may surely assist you while writing.

About Rationalinsurgent

This website works online and helps readers to visit and read on topics that can give them a better vision to look around the world. We mainly work on world news, metaverse, political updates, product reviews, cryptocurrency, investment, website reviews, education, health, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, home decor, technology, business, environment, law, books, pets, manufacturing, celebrities, games, and many more. Thus, you can get news that is ongoing around the world.

Write for Us + Token: Tips For Writing Guest Posts

In this section, you will understand some important details that can help everyone to work sincerely on the guest article. If you have plans to start their work on this particular subject, then it is important that you must go through the details below.

  • The contributors must focus on spelling or grammatical blunders. We never accept proposals having less than a 98% grammar score.
  • Having piracy in the content is one of the factors that can lead to disqualification. Anyone who is writing through web sources must focus on that they should not copy exactly.
  • The Token Write for Us should contain external link at a gap of 70-80 percent of the content. It cannot be placed in the beginning.
  • You can add internal links if any and highlight the links in blue. Also, keywords must be given a blue shade. External links can be given a green shade.
  • The contributors should choose a decent topic to write the content on. Choosing and writing on 18 plus content will be rejected.
  • To make the content more impressive and appealing, one can add graphics, bullets, subheadings, etc.
  • The contributors must place all the keywords at a proper gap. The prescribed word gap is 90 to 110.
  • The “Write for Us” + Token must have valuable facts and data. You must cover important topics in it.
  • Do not forget to fulfill the meaning and criteria of the primary keyword in the beginning.
  • Your article must detect a 90% readability score. It can be more but not less than it.
  • The article must have at least 500 words. It can extend up to 1000 words only.
  • Kindly choose a subject that is based on the factors of SEO.

Subject Matter for Token Post

  • What is a Token?
  • Different Types Of Token
  • Benefits of Buying Token
  • How to trade in Token?
  • Token + “Write for Us”
  • Token And Cryptocurrency

If you have an idea about trading, then you can write on this topic. However, if anything troubles you while opting topic, you can take help from the topics above.

Submission Criteria

The contributors must only submit the content file to this team.rationalinsurgent@gmail.com. Our editors or publishers will reach out to you within a day once they have gone through the post.


Wrapping up this post, we have tried to cover every point on the guest post writing in this article. You may start researching Token and share the post.

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