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Write For Us Technology -Check And Follow Guidelines

Know detailed guidelines of Write for Us Technology guest posts and share your research with our global audience.

Do you hold expertise working in any industry using specific technology? Are you fascinated by writing posts on technology? Thousands of people have abstract information about several technologies and are curious to know its functional enforcement, utilization, and difficulty involved in such technology.

You can spread your expertise with our global viewers by Write for Us Technology on our website.

About rationalinsurgent.com:

rationalinsurgent.com is a knowledge-based and commercial platform publishing latest in news, fashion, business, technology, health, financial markets, Etc.

As our global viewers are interested in various technologies, we are giving an opportunity to write guest posts on our platform related to Technology. rationalinsurgent.com provides factual details on all its publishing by removing rumors and fake details.

The website claims to share updated and informative guest posts and blogs about different subjects and niches. It covers multiple niches, including business, technology, education, money, healthcare, law, legal system, restaurants, pets, gaming, shopping and more. So, writers need writing and researching skills to structure the content accordingly.

Skill sets of a writer:

He should have good analytical skills to remove unnecessary information, rumors, and fake details. The technology guest-post writer should have excellent written communication skills. He should be able to independently research any topics related to Write for Us + Technology

Qualifications of technology posts writer:

We are not looking for an individual with specific qualifications or professional degrees. His know-how in any technological field is valuable. Further, experience in blogging and content writing is considered.

General guidelines for writing technology posts:

  • An introduction, FAQs, and conclusion section should be included.
  • The technology guest post must focus on technological topics.
  • The article must not exceed the word limit of 1,500 words.
  • At-least two non-copyrighted images should be included in Technology Write for Us posts.
  • The article should not contain any advertisement links.
  • A reference link for the source of information must be included.

SEO norms for technology write-up:

  • The article must be 100% unique and evaluated on a plagiarism tool.
  • Subheads, headings, and bullet points should organize the content.
  • Redundant and repetitive information should be avoided.
  • The information should be based on facts from the source.
  • Atleast one to two do-followup links should be mentioned.
  • The information should be presented in simple language and easy to understand.
  • The “Write for Us” + Technology content should be in passive voice.
  • All the keywords must be placed consistently.
  • The post must have a high readability score.
  • The write-up must not contain any offensive words and content.


  • Entertainment technology, 
  • Assistive technology,
  • Productivity technology,
  • Communication technology,
  • Teaching technology,
  • Information technology,
  • Medicine technology, and
  • Architecture technology, 
  • Transportation technology.
  • You can also write technology posts on any other topic you are well versed with.


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Advantages of writing Technology “Write for Us” posts:

  • Develop ever-lasting customer relationships with our readers. 
  • Your guest posts will receive more viewership.
  • rationalinsurgent.com takes your article a level up as it is accessed internationally.
  • Expand your global reach with the help of our global audience.
  • Your posts will pave out several opportunities.
  • Expand your influence and presence on the internet.

Submitting guest posts:

You can submit your article to jacksonhnry59@gmail.com for publication and review. Before publishing your article, our editorial team will contact you. Rationalinsurgent editorial team reserves the right to delete or modify any unnecessary content from your technological article.


A Write for Us Technology writer must have excellent analytical, written communication, and research skills and experience as a content writer or blogger are valued in addition to your know-how in any field of technology. Your posts must be with reference to any technology you are an expert in, including all the topics mentioned in the earlier section. 

Was technology guest post writing guidelines informative? Please comment below about writing technology  guest posts for rationalinsurgent.com.

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