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Write for Us Pen: Know All Guidelines & Benefits In Detail!

Check out the post below to get more ideas about the topic Write for Us Pen and other criteria to be fulfilled to write a guest post on our platform.

Are you a new enthusiast who wants to contribute digitally to our platform? Are you searching for a platform to put your writing talent to use? If so, a guest Post can help you in achieving that goal. Digital contributors who have skills, Knowledge, and understanding of a certain niche and want to share it with people can share it through the guest post platform.

For that purpose, bloggers must follow certain conditions and take advantage of the benefits of writing the Write for Us Pen blog to avoid future rejections and complications.

About Rationalinsurgent website in a brief 

Rationalinsurgent is an online platform that offers people the most popular and authentic world information. We also deal with reviews of other websites and products to check their legitimacy. Our team believes in authenticity and accountability rather than producing false rumors which have zero credibility. Therefore, our team consists of specialists with complete access to information and technology.

Further, we are willing to work with new and passionate talents who aim to grow through our platform and provide newness to our work.

Write for Us + Pen: Instructions for writing a blog. 

  • The Word limit of the posts should be between 500-1000 words.
  • The content must be free from plagiarism and grammatical errors.
  • The write-up should be in simple and understandable language.
  • Use of words related to any religion, impulsive or indecent words, is not allowed.
  • The external link for further guidance must be attached after completing 80% of the blog with proper highlighting and bold.
  • The contributors must maintain a proper article flow with appropriate titles and headings.
  • The spam percentage should not be more than 3%.

Pros of writing Pen Write for Us content on the guest post! 

  • SERP rankings help in obtaining high-trafficked keywords.
  • Guest Post gives freelance writers an amazing opportunity to connect with a 10000+ global audience.
  • Any other dedicated websites or brands that wish to make buyers aware of their products can also try posting on a guest post.
  • If the viewers find your blog informative and engaging, they will share it with others, generating more traffic.
  • Other specialized websites dealing with other niches can also try posting on a topic related to pens.
  • Regular posting will help create their own identity as content writers.

Topics upon which “Write for Us” + Pen blog can be written:

Bloggers nowadays are keen on trying out different categories to gain more recognition through valuable posts and increase their expertise. But it is impossible to choose the correct keyword with more traffic generation possibilities. Check out the given topics below to get an idea about trendy keywords on the Pen:

  • Importance of pens.
  • Evolution of pens over the decade
  • Different Pen brands
  • New and trendy kinds of Pens
  • Uses of Pen in daily life as well as in professional life.

How to connect with us for publishing Pen + “Write for Us”?

Content writers interested in writing for us can share their work with us, which must be written after proper formatting and considering following the guidelines provided. If there is any rule violation in the blog, your hard-written content can be rejected by our team.

So, write an informative and unique post and send it to us immediately at the given email address.


Final summary 

In summary, we can conclude that any bloggers who are connected or want to relate to our website by writing a guest post should work towards providing authentic and reliable informationWrite for Us Pen,which should comply with the benefits and guidelines of the guest post platform.

For further queries, please get in touch with us through the given email address.

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