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Write For Us + Paid CBD – Read And Follow Instructions!

The article describes the basic idea of Write For Us + Paid CBD and the basic rules and regulations of the guest blog.

Are you familiar with the CBD topic? Can you share your thoughts with our site? Do you want to publish your content on a famous and highly trafficked website? Here is an excellent opportunity waiting for you. A popular website welcomes content contributors for guest blogs on CBD. CBD writing is gaining popularity day by day. One can check our website for contributing a guest blog Write For Us + Paid CBD and share knowledge with our audience.

Who are Rationalinsurgent? 

Rationalinsurgent is a very famous content publishing company. We generally publish reviews, news articles, and guest blogs on various topics. Our primary protocol is to enrich the readers’ knowledge on issues such as Bitcoin, Crypto Currency, Blockchain, Metaverse, Trade-related news, Business news, Fashion, Travel, Travel, Online Gaming and many more.

We publish news articles on various trending topics, including CBD. We need some content contributors who can provide us with news on CBD daily. We are welcoming the application for this proposal. Check our application rules before you apply.

 The Application Regulations for “Write for Us Paid CBD

  1. The word count of the news article should be between 500 to 1000 words.
  2. Maintaining the Grammarly score is mandatory. The preferable Grammarly score for each guest post and news article is 99 plus. Please attach a screenshot as proof of Grammarly’s score.
  3. Avoid using the website links with more than 3 per cent spam score.
  4. Our company accepts 100 per cent original content. Attach a plagiarism report with your content.
  5. Use external links after eighty per cent of the content. The content contributors need to attach 2 relevant links with the guest blogs.
  6. For Write For Us Paid CBD Guest Post, the content contributors need to write SEO-friendly content to ensure a higher SERP rank. 
  7. The content contributors should also avoid writing abusive words, biased information and promotional content. 
  8. Please use the keywords properly after 90-110 words in the content. 
  9. Use the modern paragraphing frame and font size while drafting the content.

Know the Salient Advantages:

  1. Our researched keywords can give the content higher search results.
  2. We use SEO methods to target industry-based people. Therefore, the content will get the best view.
  3. The content will be published on our portal and remains active. It will gain regular visitors.
  4. For Paid CBD “”Write For Us””, the content contributors will get worldwide exposure with 1000 plus regular readers daily. 

Suggestive Topics

  1. Know the Features of the CBD.
  2. How do you buy CBD?
  3. Is CBD Healthy Product?

How to Connect Us:

Write a sample on CBD and send us to our registered email id: braydenwilson763@gmail.com. Our editors will evaluate the article and answer you within 24 hours. Our company also takes full ownership of the published content and editing rights.  


We have described all the regulations and protocols. Now it is time for you to respond to our Write For Us + “”Paid CBD”””. You can start writing for our popular portal from today. We assure you to provide all the facilities you need. We are also ready to take any questions from you. Also, gain an idea on the CBD via this link

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