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Write for Us Packaging: Know All Essential Guidelines Here!

In the below post, we will share the instructions and the benefits that a writer must know before sharing a Write for Us Packaging blog post.

Are you looking for an excellent publishing platform to post your write-up? Do you have decent writing skills? If yes, then this post is really helpful for you. In this article, we have shared an important platform where you can write about Packaging and get your article published to a worldwide audience. 

Here you are free to show your creative writing skills and can share your experience and skills required for a good packager. To know further details about this, read the post Write for Us Packaging till the end.

What is Rationalinsurgent?

Rationalinsurgent is a globally recognized platform for publishing product and website reviews and news. The platform enjoys national and international audiences as they serve them with the best quality of news and honest review.

Moreover, the company owns a team of excellent content writers who deliver exceptional quality content to users. To know more about us, visit us at rationalinsurgent.com.We don’t support affiliation, partnership, or promotion, but we always welcome passionate content writers on our platform.

Guidelines for writingWrite for Us + Packaging

The content must be SEO- friendly, which means you have to keep the basics of SEO in your mind so that the write-up can rank higher in the Google search engine.

You have to keep the word limit in mind while writing your post. Thus, ensure your article is not less than 500 words or more than 1000 words.

Your spam score of the post must be in between 1-3. 

The post must be 100% unique. There must not be even 1% of plagiarism in the post. So to avoid any plagiarism, write the acquired information in your words.

The language of your article must be decent, meaning there shouldn’t be any use of aggressive, provoking, or unethical language in the content.

PackagingWrite for Us must be free from grammatical, spelling, and sentence formation issues. The grammatical score of your post must be more than 98+.

Your write-up must result from a recent topic, be well-researched, and be knowledgeable.

Everyone worldwide must understand the article; thus, ensure it has a 90+ readability score.

These are some general instructions a writer must follow while writing their post.

Know your topic!

  • What is Packaging and its importance?
  • Essential of Packaging
  • Three types of Packaging
  • What do you mean by Packaging?

These are some Packaging related topics on which you can write, or you can choose the topic of your choice to write your “Write for Us” + Packaging. In these topics, you can share your personal experience, skills, and point to be remembered for being the best packager. All these features make your post interesting if your content is interesting to the user, which shares it with their friends, eventually increasing the traffic on your website.

Benefits of writing for us

  • Your confidence will boost as your content is read by thousands of people worldwide.
  • You can check the SERP of your writing skills.
  • It will increase the traffic on your website.
  • You can also share your experience about the chief things about Packaging.
  • Your website will get organic traffic which will improve your website ranking.

How can you submit your Packaging + “Write for Us”?

You can write a sample using the above-mentioned guidelines and send your write-up to team.rationalinsurgent@gmail.com. As soon as we get your post, our team will examine it; if we find your write-up good, our team will contact you.


If you are a passionate content writer, you can write a sample post using the above-mentioned guidelines. However, while writing your sample, you must keep the guidelines in mind and send us to the above-mentioned email address. 

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