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Write For Us Organic Food: Latest Writing Rules 2023!

Learn more about Write For Us Organic Food and how to present the article in an SEO-friendly manner.

Are you the person who has gained more knowledge about organic foods and how to produce them? Can you write an article about organic food procurement and shipping process for a wide range of people?

If yes, it’s your turn to witness the organic growth in your writing career because our rationalinsurgent website has created a guest blogging opportunity where writers can exhibit their Write For Us Organic Food writing talent to our readers.

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Write for Us + Organic Food Writers Essential Writing Criteria

Organic foods are those that are grown without the intervention of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. And recently, it has been trending among lots of customers from all over the world. Thus, it’s high time for people to know the true nature of organic foods. Because many duplicate organic foods are flooding the market, quoting them as real ones, many people are falling for them. In order to clear up all the misconceptions, we have come up with the Organic Food Write for Us guest blogging opportunity, where the writer’s responsibility is to present the facts about organic foods.

To present such articles, we are looking for writers with specific qualifications, and they are:

Educational background: Writers with biology and agricultural experience can share the technical details of natural organic foods. If any people with strong beliefs can contribute to the organic foods article, they can share their talent with us.

Profession: “Write for Us” + Organic Food Writing Professionals starts with an organic food farmer, food safety officers, cultivators, research specialists, organic food marketing people, etc., who can share their experience with us. If any interested candidates’ professions are not related to organic food but want to share their knowledge, they are also invited for this guest blogging opportunity.

Experience: In reviewing this guest blogging opportunity, experienced writers are most welcome. But we want to support budding writers as well. Thus, even people without solid experience can participate as well.

Organic Food + “Write for Us” Suggested Topics

Organic Food is highly related to scientific topics and must be chosen with lots of research. More specifically, it should address the interests and needs of the readers. It can be a tiresome job, so we have jotted down some topics for all the writers. Please take note of it. If any writers want to choose the topic on their own, they are given full liberty to do so.

  • What are the components of organic Food, and how is it different from other everyday foods?
  • Organic Food “Write for Us” Writers can also discuss the nutritional content of organic foods and their comparison with conventional foods.
  • How do organic farming and organic foods contribute to the world’s sustainable development?
  • What are the biological cycles involved in the production of organic foods?
  • List down the practices essential for creating organic foods.
  • What are the ways to identify fake organic food products?
  • List the nutritional benefits of organic foods.
  • Writers can also write about organic movements, the green revolution, and how organic foods have evolved into their present stages.

Write For Us Organic Food Writing Instructions

  • The suggested word length of the article is 1500 to 2500. Presently, long pieces are performing well and attracting search engine algorithms. Hence, writers must craft their articles according to the mentioned word limit.
  • The article should be written in the correct sequence and a coherent manner. The flow of contents should be good in nature. Kindly don’t add points here and there.
  • Adding related images is highly recommended, but the photos should be free from copyright problems.
  • The plagiarism score of the Write for Us + Organic Food article should be an absolute zero. Writers must check their whole article with free online plagiarism tools to ensure that.
  • Articles should be free from all types of grammatical and punctuation errors. In an online article, every punctuation conveys different meanings. Thus, writers must be cautious about punctuation errors as well. Grammar correction tools are available to help the writers rectify such errors.
  • The readability score must be above 75%, directly reflecting the article’s presentation; thus, the writers must also concentrate on this factor.

Organic Food Write for Us articles SEO guidelines 

  • For a 1500-to-2500-word article, the writers have to add at least 15 to 20 times of SEO keywords related to the topic.
  • A higher spam value affects the SEO performance of the article; hence, the spam value should be under 3 to 5%.
  • Internal and external links add more authenticity to the article. 2 to 3 internal and one external link must be added.


  • Writers can gain more real-time writing experience.
  • As the articles are published under the writer’s name, the writers get all the credit from the “Write for Us” + Organic Food readers, leading them to witness more new writing opportunities.
  • If any of the writers have any doubts regarding any SEO strategies, they can ask our professional team without hesitation.

Submission rules

Interested candidates must send their completed works via online mode only. And here is the email address info.rationalinsurgent@gmail.com for submitting the articles.

While submitting, the writers must include their updated CVs in the email body. We are also happy to see the previous works of the Organic Food + “Write for Us” writers. If they have, they share those links with us.


Thus, in this article, we have discussed ways to create an article in a reader-friendly manner. We sincerely urge everyone to use this Email Address: info.rationalinsurgent@gmail.com to clarify their doubts. Our team response time ranges from 24 to 48 hours, so your patience is much appreciated. Kindly share your unique Organic food article to witness the real organic growth in the content writing field via Write For Us Organic Food blogging opportunity.

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