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Write For Us Online Store – Read Full Guidelines Here!

This post on the Write for Us Online Store will inform the donors on how to write a lucrative post on online stores. 

Do you know how online stores run? Can you write a short article to help others to explore more on online stores more? If you have the potential to work under some bearable circumstances, then you are welcome to write the Write for Us Online Store. This opportunity is fresh and created for those who are desperate to explore more things in their life. We have shared some important points on the norms and standards of Rationalinsurgent. Please read.

Information On Rationalinsurgent

If you have visited for the first time to our website, you may not have a complete idea of the topics we cover on this platform. It is a multi-functional platform where the readers can read about daily news updates, website reviews, metaverse, social news, political updates, product reviews, investment, education, books, laws, international news, games, home decor, lifestyle, health, fashion, and all other latest news.

Standards For Writing The Write for Us + Online Store!

We have described some important standards of our website that can offer you tremendous knowledge to write a guest article. If you are following all the standards point to point, then there are no chances that your article will get rejected.

  • The most essential thing is that you cannot send an article without checking it on the Grammarly site. It will help you to correct errors.
  • Any guest post containing piracy or copied lines will be unbearable and we will reject it. Check the post on the Copyscape tool or any other online tool to know about plagiarism.
  • The details on the Online Store Write for Us must cover topics related to online stores only. Any irrelevant facts may make it boring.
  • You should try to cover the gap between the watchwords. Please maintain a 90-110 word gap.
  • The contributors should paste external links only after completing seventy or eighty percent article. Moreover, one can use no more than two links in the post.
  • The guest article should have proper headlines or subheadings to make the content look more appealing.
  • You should verify the readability count on the guest article. It should highlight at least 90% count in the post.
  • The donors are liberal to paste any related images in the “Write for Us” + Online Store so that it will attract the viewers and they will spend more time learning about the topic.
  • The limit determined for spam rate in an external link is only 2-3 percent and is not extendable.
  • The length of the post should not be greater than 1000 words and lesser than 500 words.
  • Kindly highlight the external links in green and the central links and watchwords in blue.
  • Try not to make use of false or vulgar linguistics. It will pull down the image of the contributor as well as the online site.

Subjects Considerable For Article

  • What do you understand by Online Store?
  • Online Store + “Write for Us”
  • Benefits of Shopping Online
  • Are Online Stores Convenient?
  • Tips To Determine Safe Online Stores
  • How do Online stores save time?

There could be numerous topics for online stores. It is all up to you which topic you want to choose and will give you a high number of views.

Learn Ways to Send

All the required documents like a guest post, Grammarly screenshots, etc, must be mailed to this team.rationalinsurgent@gmail.com. One will get a reply within a day.


Summing up this post, all the contributors can start working on collecting information on Online Shopping.

Do you have any doubts about the Write for Us Online Store? Please ask below.

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